Skytale Weekly Update #2 — Solana Integration, Skytale’s video and more!


- Introduction
- Skytale’s video
- Solana integration
- Stickers contest


Blockchain never sleeps and neither do we! Last week we have created a nice video that explains what Skytale does, we completed an important network integration and we started a contest to engage our growing community! Meanwhile our team has been working on our product and closing new deals. Keep reading to know more and don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels!

Skytale video 📹

Explaining a blockchain project in simple terms is not easy. For example Skytale is a DeFi curated ledger to consolidate on-chain activities into one single view and to prevent fraud by flagging transactions and preparing critical data for tax reporting. With data aggregated from an extensive and expanding list of supported networks and protocols, Skytale enables anyone to make more informed decisions about their investments and to be alerted to potential scams in the DeFi and NFT space. Skytale services are available either via a browser dashboard or else via an API that allows you to build custom white label solutions on top.

But what does all that mean exactly?

Check out this quick video that explains what Skytale does and why we aim to become your gateaway to blockchain and DeFi in particular.

New chain: Solana integration! ⛓️

We are very proud to announce we have integrated Solana and you can now see the balance of your Solana wallets! Solana is a high-performance non EVM blockchain which is considered by many a potential Ethereum rival thanks to its superior transaction speeds and lower associated costs. For this reason it became very popular in the NFTs and DeFi space. Considering our strong support for interoperability and a multichain approach, this integration is in line with our roadmap and our vision.

We love stickers, do you?😜

We love to see our community on Discord growing and getting more engaged! For this reason we created a new channel dedicated to stickers. This channel is for all our followers to unleash their creativity! We would love to have a collection of stickers that represent Skytale, its vision, its tone of voice and, above all, its growing community!
Users will be able to submit their stickers proposals that will be voted by other community members. The stickers that receive the highest number of votes will be then published in all our social media channels and their creators will be tagged and rewarded with a special gift.
Join us on Discord!

Meanwhile you can play with our tool and let us know your feedbacks which have been really valuable so far!
Try Skytale now!



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