WHY Attend Indigitous #Hack?

Indigitous #Hack is a weekend hackathon taking place in cities around the world and online on November 4–6th.

We’ll be collaborating on developing missional technology that meets real world needs — and here is why you should attend.


1 global collaboration

2 full days of hacking

13 missions-focused challenges

27 global locations (and online)

1,500+ people

In short, you’ll be surrounded by thoughtful developers, technologists, designers and experts who will challenge you, inspire you and collaborate with you to solve missional challenges. You’ll leave Indigitous #Hack with fresh ideas, new friends and an experience to tell others about. You’ll also make a lasting impact on our world.


Build your skills while having real impact

#Hack is the perfect place to experiment with new technology, collaborate with others and sharpen your skills, all while working on solutions that will have lasting impact. At #Hack, you will have chance to wrestle with the world’s biggest problems, not just first ­world problems. We will be developing machine learning algorithms to improve Bible translation, helping think of creative ways to enable and equip mission workers to work in difficult areas of the world, writing code to improve real-time communication between people in different languages, porting content used worldwide to a Raspberry Pi, and so much more. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to participate, you just have to be curious and willing to learn.

Connect and collaborate with your community

In addition to building technology that matters, #Hack is designed to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to connect with developers, designers, technologists and entrepreneurs from all over the world who share your passions. In fact, over 400 of us have already started to connect! If you want to join us right now, get started on Slack at http://kingdombuilders.io.

Get involved in something unique

You’ve probably been to a hackathon before, but likely not one like this. What separates Indigitous #Hack from most other hackathons is that we laser focused on mobilizing technologists to support God’s work across the nations, offering communities a chance to collaborate and learn from and with one another, and building technology that addresses real world needs and serve the less fortunate.

A chance to meet our amazing partners

The servant-hearted organizations that support #Hack aren’t here to build their own platform or product, they are here to give back themselves by supporting you as you make an impact in this world. #Hack is an opportunity to connect with amazing leaders from organizations like KLove/Air Radio and Jesus Film who have experience in reaching audiences with innovative media. You might work alongside Wycliffe and World Vision who are on mission in all corners of the world. You could also leverage the network that’s Cru and Intervarsity provide on college campuses to invite your friends and help mobilize a new generation of digital missionaries.

… and a chance to invite others!

#Hack welcomes anyone who wants to collaborate together on missional technology projects that have long-term impact. This is an opportunity to invite your friend, neighbor, professor, or coworker. While our work focuses on all kinds of technology, you don’t have to be a programmer to get involved. We need designers, photographers, writers, project managers, social media gurus — creative thinkers of all types! The most important skillsets are the abilities to work with others and find ways to solve problems. Also, while #Hack is explicitly Christian, participants from any (or no) faith background are openly welcomed.

To give you a sense of why this opportunity is so important, check out this great post from Hack4Missions, a missional hackathon that was part of Urbana Student Missions Conference last December. (The author is leading up #Hack Austin).

We hope to see you there!