Wondering how to fix this and why?

You are in good hands.

I have compiled the solution to save you some time digging around.

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Warning: java: divide(java.math.BigDecimal,int) in java.math.BigDecimal has been deprecated

Warning: java: setScale(int,int) in java.math.BigDecimal has been deprecated

Warning: java: ROUND_HALF_UP in java.math.BigDecimal has been deprecated

Step #1 — The problem looks like this.

So here is a trap that failed me big time.

Now if you have a binary column in your MySQL Tables, and see this ERROR:
Duplicate entry for key ‘PRIMARY ’ you are blessed. You are about to save hours.

It is absolutely misleading that the MySQL decided NOT making it a default.

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It gave misleading messages that misled me chasing into the wrong rabbit hole. And burn a couple hours of humankind in the meanwhile.

Well what can I say they make it an optional parameter as a “feature”, this is absolutely a bug.

I truly believe, that software…

So you want to add healthcheck to your docker-compose, right?

The official document has little examples and your clock is ticking, and fast. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.

#1 The 1 Minute Trick.

Let’s face it, sometimes life is in a hurry and you need something working, you need that healthcheck trick, and you need it now.

This is by no means the most accurate solution.
But at least you have something working by the end of the day.
And better yet, in 10 minutes.

version: "2.3"services: 
image: your-repo-name/webapp:1.0.1-nginx …

Learn how to build and share a containerized app.

“the world’s leading software containerization platform” — Docker, Docker Overview

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*not including docker download and installation wait time, time will vary depending on your office/ Starbucks down-link speed.

#1 Docker v.s. Good Old VM — Skip to next section and start coding, if you know the concept difference already.

So you wanna containerize/Dockerize your SpringBoot application, right?

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You are in good hands today!

Step #1 — Dockerfile

So you want to test your RESTful API bad boy, right?

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You are in good hands!

Prerequisite Step 1 — Open up your postman and make sure we are talking about the same thing.

So you want it work for both Android and iOS, eh?

Step 1 — start the baby.

Step 2 — Create a new project.

Oliver H.

Software Engineer w/ Docker, Cloud& Data specialty.

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