Letter to Corey Haim:

Dear,Corey Haim I love you so much,your acting in movies is amazing your love for animals your paintings are beautiful I wish I could met you,your soul is so pure. I know that all of your fans think about you like every day and night and I bet your smiling because of how many people like you,your in heaven with god and Jesus Christ. I’m so happy that I see your movies your acting is so great your so talented and oh I can I forget that your voice is amazing it’s so breathtaking,your my muse when I’m sad on the cloudy days or when people or school gives me a hard day or time I watch your movie and your interviews are listening to your music and watch vine edits on YouTube thank you so much Corey Haim for making me and other people happy

“In loving memory of Corey Haim “

“Rip fly high”

The end….

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