What is the importance of Pushkar Fair?

Pushkar is the most revered holy town of Hindus. Taking a dip in the sarover on Karthik Poornima is of special significance. So people from all walks of life gather here for a weeklong celebration, sightseeing, trading of cattle and camels. Influx of people is such that for a week these Swiss- cottage villages mushroom overnight. Pushkar fair tour is one of the best travel experience which attracts 11,000 camels, horses and cattle’s and more than 4,00,000 tourist attend the fair every year in the span of fourteen days. There are many tour packages that the tour and travel service providers are offering for delivering optimum service. The tour varies according to the different areas neighboring like Cultural Rajasthan, Golden Triangle and Classical India tour and every tour have different days. Also there are Exclusive tour, Signature tour, and also there are Rajasthan Wildlife included in it. A special package comes which marks the importance of TajMahal and it lets you explore it.

Imagine yourself on a fluffy seat that is nothing but the hump of the camel. You will find yourself trailed by hundreds similar camels behind you and a hundred more in front. The slow up and down tapping of the camels feel like great with yellowish tint of the sky and all you see around yourself are the vast horizons. There is song, dance and food- all in their best scintillation. One can also participate in longest-mustache competition which becomes interesting when it’s between locals and foreigners. And if you missed the Camel Ride then you missed out your most soothing moments of life. The Pushkar Fair Tour basically includes the Camel milking competition. Horses, camels and Nagauri bulls competition. There are also Cultural performances by local Rajasthani artists.

So you have got plenty of things to do during Pushkar Tour which will give you an ever lasting experience as you will get to know about the authentic cultures of Rajasthan and the places nearby as it is surrounded by many historic places of Rajasthan. Explore every bit of it as you don’t know whether you will get time to visit it again or not. So plan and convince your family and friends to visit the Pushkar Fair and have a lifetime experience. You will also get to know about the Rajasthani Traditional Turbans, Rajasthani Traditional Dress, Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery, Rajasthani Traditional Shoe, famous Pushkar Lake, Apteshwar Temple, Brahma’s Temple, Enjoy Pushkar Yoga, Famous Ayurveda Treatment called as Panchakarma , Pushkar Tent Accomodation, Pushkar Jeep Ride. There are many ways to reach there like there are Cab services, Bus service, Train service, and Airplane service.

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