My Experience With The Hilary Clinton Campaign

I’m about 13 years old, and yet I’m more involved in politics than the average 18 year-old who can actually vote. However, in my experience with signing up for the Hillary Clinton campaign, I came across some very…interesting things.

  1. They aren’t playing around.

Sure, at first they’re all happy and smiley. They fill you with determination by giving you a presentation of the life you could have; floating on a cloud, drinking margaritas and equal pay for women. Which is amazing. At least it sounds amazing. Of course, no one has ever lived the fantasy, so I can’t say for sure. But as soon as you sign that pledge card and start to love the fantasy, they rip it away and give you the real stuff. I’m talking 15 emails a day, tops. They tell you how hard it’ll be and even go far as to send emails from Barbra Streisand and Michelle Obama to convince you to donate. They get real.

2. Pop culture references are EVERYTHING.

Whether it’s twerking with a bunch of black guys, or quoting one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, Hillary Clinton is all about the pop culture references. And yes, sadly, it works. Quoting Hamilton works. Very much. And filming yourself on Snapchat and looking like you’re in touch with social media and the young adult/teenage world even though you think a tweet is a sound a bird makes. It’s not.

3. Money matters more than you realize.

Donations are everything, and although I haven’t subscribed to any newsletters from the Trump campaign (and I don’t plan on it), they really care about money. “Chip in a dollar, chip in ten, fund our ten million dollar campaign, whatever it takes!” That’s what they want. But in the end, the world revolves around money doesn’t it?

4. They have a temper.

After a while of not responding, they don’t stop sending emails, they get annoyed. I would too, but I’d also get the hint and give up on them. Maybe that’s my personality talking but I really would stop trying. You have to give them credit though, perseverance is impressive. And irritating.

And that’s what I learned by signing up for Hillary's campaign. Of course Election Day isn’t quite here yet, so I’m sure there’s more.

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