how will Apple keep this up, when the iPhone 8 is in reality built from components that its competitors have deemed obsolete, and the iPhone X is really the same phone wrapped within a Samsung display?
The iPhone X: Apple’s Ideology of American Techno-Exceptionalism
Five Alive

Wow, so much false here.

It’s competitors willingly adopt new technology at the cost of actually being good technology. Apple’s hardware + software camera system is infinitely better than the competition. It’s ISP chip is better. It’s A10/A10X, and presumably A11 chips are some of the very best in the market.

iPhone X is a step above the iPhone 8, yes. On purpose. Which is where the price comes in. iPhone X is expected to sell in lower quantities as a premium device, where most of the market is expected to aim for the iPhone 8.

If you focus exclusively on hardware, you will miss the point of Apple 100% of the time. It’s the marriage of hardware + software that is so critical, which people like you always miss.

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