So far… and more about me…

So since I have decided to dedicate my free time (which isn’t much) to streaming video games, I have realized just how much is involved with becoming a full time streamer. It is, admittedly, a little daunting. I have a lot to learn about setting up streams and putting together videos. But I also feel very accomplished when I get something right or learn something new!

I am still waiting on getting certain items that I need in order to set up my gaming station. I am getting more anxious and excited as time passes.

I have also decided to show some more of my natural talents and would like to have a couple of sessions where i create monster masks.

My husband and I love horror and Halloween, so much so that we got married on October 31st! We met at a haunted house, he was running it at the time and I was volunteering as an actor. Over the years of working there I have crafted my own costumes and done fx makeup. I want to expand my talents and create original creature masks.

I have been painting and sketching as early as I can remember(my mom still has one of my first drawing of a person framed). And I find that one of the strongest weapons in my arsenal is my artistic ability.

Whenever I am low or am having a difficult time, art, writing, gaming and music have always been there to help me through.

I can always fall back on that certain song to get me out of my head, or just write my thoughts and feelings down when I have encountered a difficult night. I personally think that it is so very important for each and every person to find their release. For sanity’s sake!