Top 5- N64 Games

Alright, so growing up I mainly played on Nintendo consoles. I remember when we got our N64, I think we (my brother and I)played that system more than the SNES. The graphics were so new and we were actually able to move the camera in the 3rd person games! When I play the console now I can’t help but think how its a little wonky and obtuse… but the following list are the games that made, at least this part of my childhood, memorable.

Number 5- Mario Kart 64- How do I even begin to describe these games? Mario kart 64 was a definite upgrade from the previous version and man, I think I played this game just about every day. You could play as 8 characters and had 3 separate ‘arenas’ with 4 tracks to play on. The graphics were smooth and the 150cc was just hard enough to get you frustrated! And we all know that you just had to play as toad! He’s the best! And you could always bomb a race on the castle track and spend some time at peaches castle! But really this game was truly a masterpiece!

Number 6- Donkey Kong 64- 
 He’s the leader of the bunch you know him well,
He’s finally back to kick some tail,
His coconut gun can fire in spurts,
If he shoots ya, it’s gonna hurt,
He’s bigger, faster and stronger too,
He’s the first member of the DK crew!

And you just had to watch the ENTIRE rap every time you started the game, and your damn right I sang along to it EVERY time!! This game play was fantastic and the game was just amazing! And I’m not sure if any of you remember the cartoon that aired, Donkey Kong and the Crystal Coconuts, well… I DO! Now again the controls are all wonky and obtuse but I chalk that up to the N64 in general. And there were a lot of collectibles, which at times got very tiresome to gather with all of the different characters… but other than that I enjoyed the scope of this game and enjoyed the new format of the maps (you could explore the islands instead of just walk along a dotted line on a map).

Number 3- Paper Mario- Okay, so this game was probably the most fun for me(as a kid) to play through. The story was fantastic, the partners were just wonderful. I loved the music, all of the add-ons like in game badge options. You cannot help but to love this game! My favorite type of game play is RPG BECAUSE OF THIS GAME! The levels were fun and inventive and the controls were much smoother for this game than many others. I could probably play this game 1000(lol) times and never get bored of it!

Number 2- Banjo-Kazooie- Yes! Lovable banjo and his bird-brained pal go on an adventure to save Tooty from the evil Gruntilda! Again the controls were a little wonky, but I consider them to be much smoother than the previous games. The story was fantastic and the different worlds were always fun to dive into. The only beef I have is that if you left a world and you hadn’t collected all of 1 item (like musical notes) you had to start all over again once you re-entered. But that is a minor detail! I actually just recently played through this game again, and found it just as enjoyable as the first time around.

Number 1- Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time- I mean, what am I really supposed to say here? This game was the jettison for the separate timelines that we have all come to know and enjoy today! This game has been upgraded and released for multiple systems many times over! And why not? When playing any of the newer games, I often find myself feeling nostalgic for this game… why? because it just offers diversity among levels and one hell of a story! All of the components of game play just meld together so seamlessly (switching back and forth in time, going from one temple to the next, even the side quests all help to further along the main story line). I just don’t think that there is any other way to top this list!

Ok! So there you have it! Now I do have 2 honorable mentions, #1- Majora’s Mask, which was released in record time after Ocarina and offers a lot of game play for the time frame that it was made in, and #2 Super Mario 64, This OF COURSE is a fantastic game, the only reason it did not make it on the list is because I simply did not get to log as many hours as the other games. I hope that you enjoyed our little stroll down nostalgia lane! Please let me know your top 5! Peace and Love!

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