Fabrice Liut
Aug 1 · 3 min read

Thank you Stéphane Cruchon for this great and clean “template” to kick off an innovation process !

I wanted to complete the “before design sprint” process with my systemic design process. Maybe it can be useful for some sprint masters and companies.

Starting point, adressing your article :

Week -1 : Before, Before the Design Sprint.

Define the challenge and team.

  • How to define the Sprint Goal “How might we…” and KPIs ?
  • How to define a priority “target” (business users, etc) ?

Sometime ( not to say every time), a company has hypotheses about their priorities BUT these priorities ARE NOT real company priorities. Why ? Because company services (and the board) never agree about business and collaborators urgencies : nobody is 100% conscious, company is a system too complex and parts are too isolated, inside there own boxes, there own priorities. So :

How might we detect true company challenges before engaging the first Design Sprint ?

It’s the perfect moment to run a 3 days Systemic Design Sprint :

  • DAY 1 — 1-2 collaborators from different company parts (services) are invited in a big whiteboard collaborative room. They draw or represent in systems (mindmaps, etc…) their services : projects, people, conditions, links, relations with other services and clients, etc… They draw there urgencies, priorities, problems and opportunities. The facilitator helps them, using design tools. (What are your real needs ? Business needs, clients needs, collaborators needs ? Where are your “viability systems” ? Is it feasible for your service alone ? Are your projects resilient and long term ?) At the end of the day, we can visualize the full “company complex system”.
1 person, 1 system. Big draft but it work ! The human brain don’t need more to be more conscious about complex systems.
  • DAY 2 — With a team composed of 1 people from each service, we present and analyze all the systems (like day 3 in a classic design sprint process). Using red dots stickers, each participant vote to show “friction parts” of each systems and green dots to “fluid parts”. With this process, we can visualize “healthy & sick parts” of the full company system.
Team’s members vote and then, everybody can visualize “healthy & sick parts” of a system.
  • DAY 3 — With this full visualization, the team develops a common consciousness about the company full system. Top deciders from company board (Top direction) are invited (and necessary !) for this last day : they will decide ! They connect priorities and urgencies (with the sprint team) from all different parts to validate or unvalidate them using this new “systemic point of vue”. They can build a “company plan” to take care of the business all together, starting by true priorities and urgencies !

These true priorities are challenges to launch… Design sprints !

These 3 days Systemic Design Sprint are a perfect kick off, just before the the Stéphane Cruchon Design Sprint Quarter ! With this process, companies can be more conscious, agile : big companies Design-driven like AirBnb or Uber do this now ! Are you ready to start it too ?

I share this process in video too ! (sorry for my english…:)

Contact me if you want to know more about this approach, with pleasure and love ! 💗

Fabrice Liut

Written by

I am a Systemic & Regenerative Designer. I solve complex problems using the Design Sprint recipe. I talk about life and sociocultural evolution. liut.me

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