Great work Slack. This is a needed feature. Mind clarifying a couple of things?
Chris Handy

Thank you, Chris! To answer your questions:
1. When a non-admin receives a request, you’ll get a message from Slackbot letting you know who has requested to share channels with you. You’ll be prompted to loop in one of your admin colleagues who can help accept the invite for you. After talking to your admin, you can have your contact at the other organization re-send the request to the admin instead.

Vice versa, if you’re a non-admin and would like to start sharing channels with another company, you’ll first be asked to select an admin from a list of admins on your team, which will then kick off a direct message conversation. You can tell the admin more about your use case and provide them with more information about the other organization’s Slack workspace.

2. Shared channels are currently limited to no more than two workspaces. We hear you, though, and will pass on your feedback to the team!

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