Slack Notifications for Google Forms

Let’s see how to setup slack notification for google forms

Step 1: Install Sheet Addon

Visit the link below and install the addon 👇

Step 2: Get webhook url

  • Select “From Scratch”
  • Enter Name and Select Workspace and click “Create App”
  • Select Incoming webhooks
  • Activate Incoming webhook, Just toggle the on/off button
  • Scroll down and click on “Add New Webhook to Workspace”
  • Select where to post
  • Copy the webhook url generated

Step 3: Add Rule to Receive Slack Notification on Google Form Submit

Open any google form or create new, Then open the SlackNotification Google Sheet Addon

  • Click on the addon icon and click “Slack Notifications for Google Forms”
  • Click on Manage Slack Notifications
  • Click on Add, If you have already added a rule it will be shown under current form since the rule is for the current form and If you have added Rule to other google form it will be visible under Other form
  • Enter the copied webhook url and write a message, You can use the form submission content by using the drop down above.
  • If you want more customisation in the slack message like this you can use payload like this, first click on payload and then click on “Get Payload”
  • It will open this page, This may seem complicated but its simple just make it as you like then click “copy payload” then just paste it in the message box as you can see in above image
  • Add Form Submission content to the payload message, it is very simple just copy the question as is and add {{ in the start and }} in the end
  • Once done click on “Send Test” and see if you received it if received click “Add Rule”

That is how we can use Slack Notifications for Google Forms if you have any question send a mail at

Send customised Slack notification when anyone submits your Google Form.