We Stand With the LGBTQ+ Community
General Assembly

For you to say that because the REASONABLE and HIGHLY EVIDENCED determination that MENTALLY ILL people aren’t fit to serve, and then extend that to say the government does not protect the rights of ANYONE who is lesbian, gay or “queer” is not just politically motivated- it’s downright appalling. Seriously, did someone in high school craft this terrible article? Why are you virtue signalling like this? Transgender people are not mentally stable- this is abundantly clear. They are an extreme risk to take on in a military. Remember- they don’t let you serve if you have shin splints! Again, this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAYS, LESBIANS, QUEERS, POLYQUEERS, ULTRA-GAYS, OR ANY OTHER VARIETY OF ASS-HAT THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE SANGUINE TO IDENTIFY AS SIMPLY “HOMOSEXUAL”. IT ALSO DOESN’T APPLY TO RACE, GENDER, OBESITY, or HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH. So don’t attempt to paint this as some kind of infringement upon universal rights, it is quite frankly an embarrassment that the entire firm must wear. A company shouldn’t even become involved in politics of this nature AT ALL, no less take some idiotic, contrived veiwpoint like this through some ham-fisted article.

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