The Dark Side of Silicon Valley (Part 1) — Echo Chambers

Slade Sundar
Feb 8, 2018 · 6 min read

“I started this sh*t so I could be a f*cking Unicorn!” (Valuation Echo Chamber)

Sage Advice —

“I need to get into accelerators to teach me how to run my startup” (Accelerator Echo Chamber)

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, “accelerators” became the unquestioned next step for anyone who has an idea to build a startup.

“I’m the founder, I don’t need to focus on culture” (Culture Echo Chamber)

“Startups would be easy if we didn’t have to deal with any people.” — Every Startup Founder in the World.

“I can’t hire that candidate because she is too old, we have an image to uphold” (Age Echo Chamber)

Slade Sundar

Written by

I’m a Slade of All Trades who loves tech, fashion, innovation, startups and PDX.

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