BuddyPress Newsletter #31 — tips and tricks, bbPress, new theme and other things!

I was on vacation for a week, had a nice time, but the Internet was so awful there that I missed the day to sent a newsletter. So here is a #31 issue, with new tips and tricks, new theme and other things that I think should be interesting for site owners.


For those, who are selling BuddyPress-related services, or plugins, or themes — feel free to contact me (be replying to this email), as this newsletter might be a good targeting source for you. More on its latest statistics will be published later today on my site ovirium.com.

Official News

WordPress Now on HackerOne


And this includes BuddyPress software and buddypress.org as well! So if you want to help make BuddyPress more secure — go check it out.

Largest Turkish Recipe Site Spiced Up with BuddyPress


NefisYemekTarifleri.com is the largest Turkish recipe sharing platform in the world with more than 290,000 recipes that reach millions of users every day and uses WordPress and BuddyPress for all its applications — desktop, mobile web, Android, iOS, and AndroidTV. Read some tips about scaling BuddyPress.

bbPress 2.6 Beta and Its Improvements to BuddyPress


bbPress 2.6 will feature an improved BuddyPress integration, which is great news for those, who use both BuddyPress and bbPress.


Freelance BuddyPress Jobs on Upwork


For those of you, who are looking for new clients, here is a link to BuddyPress-related jobs that are available right now.

Useful Articles and How-to’s

How to Manage and Add Features to Your BuddyPress-Powered Staff Intranet — WPMU DEV


In this tutorial (which is a follow-up) you will learn how to add users and groups to your intranet, as well as adding extra functionality in the form of events and document upload.

Add new members to BuddyPress groups automatically


If you are looking to add new members to one or more BuddyPress groups automatically, this post will help you.

Display BuddyPress Group ID in the Groups List


If you are looking to find out the group Id for your BuddyPress group, this tutorial will make it easy.

Better member type directory title for BuddyPress


Are you using BuddyPress member types on your site? If yes, you might have noticed the issue with member type directory title — it doesn’t include member type name. So read how to fix it!

Better group type directory title for BuddyPress


Group type directory title has the same issue as in a previous link for member types. So let’s fix that as well.https://themeforest.net/item/eonet-multipurpose-community-network-wordpress-theme/19557463?ref=slaFFik


(a) Eonet WordPress and BuddyPress Theme

That’s all for now

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