Michael's Saturday “Unplugged”

Technology is something we take for granted these days and it’s hard to grasp how much we use until you go without. That is what I did for six hours this past Saturday using no WiFi based electronics nor cellular devices. I realized during those six hours is how much my daily routine and happiness is tied to those internet based items and cellular devices.

The Preparation

To prepare for this “unplugged” assignment I notified family and close friends to let them know it would be hard for them to contact me. I setup a time to meet with my girlfriend and called my sister right before to have her phone on just in case any needed to contact me. The final preparation was to tell my fraternity president that I’d be unable to receive calls or emails. I also set my time after the alumni event due to me needing to have my emails ready for the alumni event cause I’m in charge of alumni relations.

One of The University of Tennessee football’s logo

During “Unplugged”

Once the time started and I turned off my phone and put away all internet based electronics. I immediately started cleaning to keep myself busy and started a load of laundry. I became antsy trying to figure out the time to prevent myself from missing the meeting time with my girlfriend. Right before I started the six hours I was watching the The University of Tennessee football game and was talking to parents about the game. Then around the 3rd I started and was unable to talk to my family about the game and I was watching it by myself.

My Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

I felt a void with the typical activities I do during the weekend. I couldn’t jump online and play Xbox with friends or play a quick game of Mario Kart. Overall, I felt like I was grounded and unable to enjoy the day. Throughout the day I typically watch YouTube videos to see what is going on or to see the latest video game news. Apps that define my Saturdays were missing and there was a disconnect. I couldn’t keep up with my calendar or to see what my friends are doing on the various social media apps. The scores of the day were missing because I couldn’t log into ESPN.

Studying without internet includes a lot of reading

Studying and homework became a bit more difficult with the lack of using search engines to resolve problems. Had to work on homework that didn’t require internet so I had to use my book to find the answers. Struggled with finding answers and wasted time on questions that I could have blazed through with a simple search.


Time management was overall rough, surprisingly the phone wasn’t the number one thing I missed. It was the games and search engines for homework. I did miss several potential hangouts due to missing invitations from messages I missed.

As soon as the time hit the six hours mark I checked emails, answered messages, and used all of my apps to catch up. Overall it was frustrating and had a difficult time with time management