How 10 Minutes Of Meditation A Day Changed My Life
Blake Powell

Love this essay on meditation. 10 minutes a day to change my life for the better? I could do that amount of time before hopping out of bed. Lots of ways to make meditation more complicated but why bother? I so agree you can’t fail. Just do. 10 minutes! Really. So easy we think it’s a hoax. Nothing life enhancing takes 10 minutes, eh?

I practice letting go of my belief if something is not hard to accomplish, why bother. In order to prove my self worth, the task, project, whatever I spend my precious time on Must be super-hard to do otherwise I am wasting my time and am so worthless. In meditation, I’ve realized I am not worthless. Uh-oh! Oops! A disconnect.

So what will it mean if I take 20 minutes to put my make up on the a.m. and have 10 minutes available for ….?

Thanks for evoking some deeper understanding of myself.