A Bad Guide To Refrigerators- ‘Am I Ballin Too Hard If I Want A Fridge That Looks Like A Cabinet?’

yea,, u are

anyways man you read the title and theres really no room for introduction here so im just gonna need you to scroll down and forget we had this conversation

alright. number 1. we got the classic one step above divorced dad fridge. if you or anyone you know has this fridge u can absolutely confirm that there are old wine coolers on the bottom door shelf. its cool tho. Kraft singles are absolutely in the top right door shelf, and at the end of the day that’s what all of this is for. that's it. you know this.

saw this one on google images while looking for refrigerators to do this, and im upset. whats happening here. is this a binder now??? my brita pitcher gotta fit in the 3 rings???? if you have this fridge i hope you open it and spiders just keep falling out. lets move on.

is this a coordinate plane? why is this divided into quadrants? are you about to give me a longitude and latitude if i ask for something? why am i able to tweet about T-Pain while getting water? i’m not really sure and i refuse to believe that you are. while this kitchen looks like that of a too-responsible person, this fridge is the embodiment of doing too much.

off the bat? doors. too many of them. this fridge looks like youre insecure about what you freeze but too okay with your refrigerated goods. you can only use this fridge if youre listening to ‘Door Swangin’ by 2 Chainz and dont think that i wont know if you dont do it.

ill know.

and i think thats where we end this. we’ve learned a lot, and i hope you enjoyed this. dont buy a cabinet fridge. listen to 2 Chainz. ask Samsung if they can make your ice dispenser yell ‘BRR’ like Gucci Mane. and most importantly, live your dreams.

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