An Interview with Supriya

Slam Out Loud
3 min readJul 31, 2019


How I imagine my future to be

I imagine a future where every individual has a voice and he/she uses its power to stand up for what is right, even if it means standing alone. Everyone, including me, would know that when we say “When will somebody do this or change this?” then that “somebody” can be you or me. So we should stop waiting for someone else.

I imagine a future where there will be no boundaries , no borders but one land, one religion, humanity, and love. It’ll be a world where everyone understands the real meaning of arts and education.

A world where instead of blaming the government we’ll find the root cause of problems and solve them together instead of leaving everything for the government to handle. A world where every individual will be aware of themselves and the world. I imagine a future where everyone including me is themselves and no one is lost in becoming somebody they are not. I imagine a future in which we inspire and are inspired by each other everyday.

My goals

I want to continue with my passion for arts, especially for poetry. I want to become an inspiring and versatile poet.

I want to travel around the world, meet many people, learn from their stories, and bring different ideas and projects together to solve problems.

I want to do photography and make collections of different photos which can be used to make short stories.

I want to continue recycling waste.

I really want to change the current education system. The purpose of education should be to educate students, not force anything upon them. But what I feel is that kids are going to school just because they have to, not because they want to, and they are happy learning what is taught in the school. I want school to be a happy place where students learn whatever they are passionate about. It shouldn’t be a place where we just go, complete the syllabus, and give exams. I don’t want it to be a place where we are judged on the basis of the marks we score and where talents are considered nothing as compared to academics. I want it to be a place where no one feels separated and no one feels they have no purpose in life or they can’t do anything.

I want to be an empathetic person who understands everyone. I want to be everyone’s friend and spread love everywhere.

I want to learn how to play at least one musical instrument. Guitar, flute, or drums.

I want to become a psychologist.

Challenges I’ll face in achieving my goals

Balancing everything or giving time to everything

Managing time

Arranging the resources I’ll need

Arranging for money

Fighting stereotypes like — scoring bad marks or lessening the burden of study is the reason for taking arts stream, a girl can’t be as strong as a boy and can’t achieve anything independently, etc.

Reaching out to people who have similar interests and can help me grow

Becoming a self-sufficient artist who can create opportunities for herself

Accepting different circumstances and dealing with them with a positive mind

My support system
My family
Slam Out Loud
Teach for India
All my teachers
My friends
My learnings, passion, and art.

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