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Blocksurvey for NGO’s

For an NGO, its testing waters every day. How to execute a high impact project? How to research a problem? How to reach new donors and fundraise? How to build trust among all the participants? How to increase engagement among all participants? How to turn the vision into reality? Well, these are the very common questions in mind when it comes to non-profit organizations.

Today, NGO’s can use survey platforms inside and outside the organization for the market, field research, assessment, feedback, engagement, voting or polling, peer review, event planning, registration, fundraise, any type of form building, and for informant or whistleblowing. …

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Block Survey

2. Why and how it got created?

BlockSurvey came out as an idea from Can’t Be Evil Hackathon held on June 2019 under the theme Web 3.0 / Society 3.0. We strongly believe in protecting people’s digital rights and wanted to share our part in building a better web for future. …

Today, in Crypto Markets, there are more than 2000+ crypto assets and 200+ exchanges or marketplaces in the world. By Crypto exchanges being open 24/7 and available across many nations, owning Crypto-Currency has become a mainstream obsession among the younger generation. This has made the Crypto Markets thrive amidst all the difficulties it went through. Today, it has become a strong alternative asset class.

Since Crypto-Currencies are traded 24/7 globally, the price discovery happens based on the supply and demand. With time zones based user participation(day time) and fear of missing out kicking in (eg. Kimchi Premium), there is a market inefficiency in many exchanges which causes price discrepancy between exchanges for the same asset. …

Over the past few years, we have come across many ideas on how to day trade Crypto markets. Below checklist, helps novice trader to get started.

1. China and USA markets generate most of the volume in Asian and US exchanges. Have a watch on it.

2. Monitor Korean market Open and Close — historically has more swings. This will help in identifying the market sentiment.

3. Usually, high volume days are triggered from East to West. FOMO(Fear of missing out) kicks in and opportunity is always more. Follow the trend.

4. Watch 7d price change for short term trend.

5. Binance and Coinbase Listing Effect. …

Experience the power of the lightning network by advertising your Crypto products and solutions in This is your Crypto Wall of Fame.

Over the last couple of weeks at Slamtrade, we experimented Crypto Payments over Lightning Network. The outcome of the experiment is We have built using OpenNode. You can pay as low as 50 sats to have your Ad’s or Pictures on the wall. Feel free to experiment and share your thoughts.

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How to Use?

Identify tiles to use by hovering mouse over the tiles, a text with ‘post’ message appears for the ones which are available. You can also identify by looking at images which are washed out. On click of the available tile, an upload dialog asks for an image/picture, URL, description and time to stay. Upon click of pay, scan the QR code or use the payment request in your Lightning Wallet of choice for payment. Post payment, the image will appear on the wall. …



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