The Mysterious Happenings

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The sun rose upon the town, shining brightly through the trees. But, today there was no town. Goldcrest, New York was not like any other town. There was a feel in the air of magic and mayhem. People, who would come to visit Goldcrest always felt like an outsider looking in. The town’s people always seemed to know a secret that nobody else knew. Secrets fueled the fire of this town, things that happen behind closed doors, and things that go bump in the night. It was almost SUPERNATURAL ,everything that happened didn’t always make sense. BIMONTHLY, the town would close the only main road into town only allowing the regular townspeople to be in Goldcrest. People who visit Goldcrest always talk about why they close the town for 2 days every month. But there was one who truly wanted to what happens, Trevor Miles. Trevor lived in the town over from Goldcrest in Walden. Walden was an ordinary boring town some might say, very open with lots of this forests and flowing rivers around. Trevor liked the quiet because he was able to hide and adventure through the woods. He had a whole CIRCUMSPECT of Goldcrest on the edge of Walden. Trevor was kind of like a MISFIT, always feeling UNFIT. He was a big INTROVERT and had low CONFIDENCE in himself because he wasn’t like anyone else. But, that would one day come in handy. Trevor was counting down the days till the next closing of Goldcrest so he could finally see what happens. DISTRACTED the night before of the closing of Goldcrest Trevor planned to go early in the morning, to his spot in the woods.

5:30 Trevor’s eyes widen to sight of daybreak. He hops out of bed and rushes down to forrest, making sure he doesn’t wake up his parents. Finally, he thinks in the dewy green grass breathing in the fresh air. He suddenly turns his focus to Goldcrest, watching, waiting for anything to happen. NONSTOP looking at the town anxious as his stomach churns like butter hoping to see why they close the town. The sun rose upon the town, shining brightly through the trees. Townspeople all of a sudden walk from their houses to, the center of the town with their hands up in TRIANGULAR formation. They start to chant in Latin slowly dropping their hands. When Trevor’s hands start to glow, he freaks seeing the townspeople are doing the same thing.

“Oh my god what is happening to me!” Trevor Shreaked.

Their hands fall and the town is gone, Trevor is the one…

Part 2

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Their hands fall and the town is gone, Trevor is the one… The townspeople have been waiting for someone like him for over a CENTURY. Trying to attract the one by closing Goldcrest, to show how worthy they were, showing off their magic abilities. Trevor soon feels a hard pull against his chest luring him into where the town once was, dragging his feet along the thick forrest floor. Sloshing past trees he tries to hold on for dear life. Making INCISIONS anywhere he can so people can find him if he never comes out. His mind is pulsating with thoughts, he cries with pain. But, the force is too strong to push back. Remembering the people who called him a COWARD only made him weaker. Trevor was thinking the worst thoughts of how he would be a CAPTIVE forever in this mystical town. The force stops pulling but he can’t move. Seemingly like his feet are glued to the ground keeping him planted. He screams in agony, trying to remember why he came to forrest in the first place. Suddenly he sees a ripple in the air in front of him perplexed he reaches towards the air. Reaching one finger out, his curiosity consumes him. Getting closer and closer he finally touches the air where the ripple was. Once he touches the air it feels electric seeming to give him power. Trevor pushes harder his hand strata to divulge through to the other side. He quickly pulls it out, curious he tries his other hand the same thing happens.

”Wow this is so cool!”, he whispers to himself.

Giving in to temptation he starts to walk through the shield, forming into the barrier. He opens his eyes to find Goldcrest, the streets abandoned. But, other thing is perfectly in place the houses, buildings, and even the grass. The town seems to be totally symmetrical. His eyes widen trying to remember everything. It was just so INCREDIBLE. Trevor had found out where the town had gone. Pleased with himself he turns around to see that the shield is like a barrier. He walks up closer surprised that he can see right through to the forrest, but confused why he couldn’t see through the other side. There is so different, he can feel it it’s like an energy that CAPTURES his attention. It was like he was TRANSPORTED to a different world. Trevor could feel someone coming towards him, PROCEEDING very slowly. He knew it’s the townspeople, he wasn’t scared he almost felt safe like he had met them before. Trevor decided to trust them, he thought he might regret this DECISION later but he wanted to take a chance. From behind the trees, buildings, and schools. They came in waves forming a circle around him. Trevor could almost seem to predict what exactly they were doing. Trevor felt at home, not understanding but just letting it happen. The street lights started flicker, they started to chant something but he couldn’t make it out. Trevor started to feel the ground tremor underneath him, then suddenly his hands start to glow with…

Part 3

Trevor started to feel the ground tremor underneath him, then suddenly he stood to see his hands glow with balls of light that seemed to heighten everything. It was almost like he had the power of the world in his palm waiting to be used. The townspeople’s chanting brought feelings to Trevor he couldn’t understand, it was like they were one. Before he could realize it Trevor was on the ground the black asphalt from the street lined his cheeks. He writhed with pain, the day had been so weird. Trevor had always believed in the unexplainable but no one would listen to him and his theories. His own parents seemed to be HYPOCRITES to his thoughts. But, he knew deep down he was right and one day he would prove to all who has really right. While he was on the ground he had VIVID depictions of what was happening to him. Trevor seemed to be SUSPENDED over himself. He could see the townspeople circled around him, some observing his sprawled body. While others tried restlessly to REVIVE him.

“Are we sure that’s the one?” Someone whispered.

“He is the only one, that has been able to go through the barrier.” Another said.

“Can we trust him?” The townspeople’s worries seemed to come from all.

Suddenly Trevor’s eyes opened he took in a huge breath filling his lungs as he sat up from the street. Trevor felt like he was under a MICROSCOPE being poked and prodded like a foreign bug. Everything was silent;the townspeople’s eyes wandered around Trevor. He was trying to INFER if they would bring harm to him. Blackout Trevor was on the ground again he had passed out. The towns doctor was a well known NEUROSURGEON, who rushed to catch Trevor’s head so it wouldn’t hit the concrete road. Hank had some of his tools on hand at all times, he was always ready for a disaster. Trevor squinted as Hank tried to pry his eyes open to check his pupils, he wiggled trying to get away from the doctor. Trevor woozy from passing out was just DEHYDRATED, Hank was a very calm person. As he took out a water bottle to give to Trevor, he checked his vitals to see he was perfectly fine. The little scrapes and scratches Trevor had on his body were suddenly disappearing, it seems that his cells REGENERATED quickly. Hank tried to INSPECT the wounds to find how they were already healed. A grin swiped across his face. For there was magic within Trevor. Trevor slowly sat up once again, to see the townspeople now smiling. It is confirmed he is…

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Part 4

It is confirmed he is the one, Trevor did not understand. This had never happened to him before. How could his scrapes heal that quickly, it was like they were never there in the first place. Hank could see the wandering confusion in Trevor’s eyes. He stood up towering over Trevor, he still did not know if he could trust them. But, after his wounds disappeared the townspeople’s REACTION had changed. Trevor wiped off the dust and black asphalt from his clothes to face the people. He seemed to gaze into people’s eyes to get a sense of the situation. The VERDICT to why all these strange things are happening. Trevor was never one to back down from something challenging, that’s what got him into Goldcrest. Silence filled the air, it rose over all the people and seemed to spread. Trevor squirmed he did not like to the SUBJECT of focus. Goldcrest was small with a tight-knit community. It was nothing of a. METROPOLIS, the POPULATION doesn’t grow much because whoever moves in soon will leave. Trevor knows now that is probably for the best. The magic in Goldcrest was CREATED by the the 100 circle. They are an inner circle of magical beings who had a prophecy about the one. Apparently the one would be the best being to reunite their group, who had the best EUGENICS in magic. There were DISPUTES within the townspeople if the prophecy was even real. But, now the people knew Trevor is a real NOVICE. The 100 circle was now COMPLETE and the prophecy was fulfilled. Trevor snapped back to reality as he was staring thinking about how he got here? Why weren’t his parents calling him? Aren’t they concerned? Trevor wanted answers, he didn’t sneak out of his house for nothing.

“Is magic real?” Trevor screamed to the townspeople.

Anger filled is body covering him from head to toe. The more they stared and didn’t answer Trevor grew angrier. The townspeople looked at each other for answers. Their eyes seemed to convey what the people were thinking.

“Stop this nonsense and answer the boy!” Hank yelled to the people.

The townspeople finally answered, but they did without even speaking. Trevor’s eyes widened as he heard whispers saying yes. He was mystified. All of a sudden a one appeared on his hand, the 100 circle is complete.

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Part 5

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All of a sudden a one appeared on his hand, the 100 circle is now complete. Trevor felt as though a weight had been lifted off him. Then suddenly he broke down crying it had been such a hard day. From sneaking away in the night, to find the truth behind Goldcrest. Going through a invisible shield to find the town empty. To the present finding out there is magic and he is the supposed one.

“What is the one?” Trevor thought to himself.

In UNISON he heard voices cram his head with answers in all different tones. He could not clearly make out what they were saying, it told of a prophecy. How the VITAL one would soon be near and all the secrets and hiding would be over for good. Trevor just wanted to stop the voices from creeping in and DECIMATE the thoughts altogether. Suddenly the voices stopped it was clear again.

“Did I just do that?” Trevor whispered to himself.

“Yes!” The townspeople cheered.

It was finally time the one is here, over the years the townspeople restlessly closed the town to hope the one would come. But, when would he come? They never knew the answers, it was almost a riddle in itself. The people had grown hasty and worried the one soon just became a tale to the townspeople. There had been ALTERCATIONS about if the one was a real person. That is how important it was to the town of Goldcrest. Trevor faced the SURFACE of the shield, contemplating wether he should just run away. The responsibility was getting to him, because, he was just a boy. Trevor could not be a leader or a guide to the people.

“I can barely get my parents approval in life, I always seem to be doing something wrong. My parents! They must be so worried, sneaking out this was a mistake.” Trevor exclaimed to himself.

The townspeople could feel his worries crawl up them like little bugs wanting to burrow in their skin. Somehow they were all connected on a level SURPASS anyone could comprehend. It was like Trevor was in an ALTERNATIVE universe were there is magic and unexplainable happenings. Was this own imagination? Was he dreaming? How could this be real, how could any of this be real? Trevor had to CONTRADICT, his own preconceptions of magic and Goldcrest. The assumptions were too weak to the grand explanation behind the mysterious town. The town was almost like all those INTERSTELLAR Galaxy books he read about, the mystery, suspense, and geeky lead character. This town was a STEREOTYPICAL fiction setting, that had come to life before his eyes. Somehow he Trevor Miles the town LUNATIC in Walden, for his crazy theories. Was now of the utmost importance to the 100 circle. For this was just the beginning of Trevor’s journey.

Part 6

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For this was just the beginning of Trevor’s journey. Trevor finally felt INCLUDED, he was apart of a EXCLUSIVE SECRET group the 100. Now that Trevor had finally accepted this fate that he is the one of the 100 to help save and bind together their group. Trevor contemplated this new knowledge if he was the one didn’t his parents or family have to be apart of the group too? Trevor looked toward Hank, searching his face for answers. Trevor had so many just swirling his head, but he could not TRANSMIT these fears to words. Suddenly Trevor ERUPTED with questions.

“I want to know everything there is about the circle! How I have powers just now, and how this could even be real? I want to know.” Trevor exclaimed.

Silence it creeped in like a storm, it seemed to stay in air creeping around the people. Hank took the boy by hand guiding him. Trevor was shaking with anxiousness it over took his body he could not control it. Trevor was contemplating if he really wanted to hear the truth, TEMPORARILY he blacked out in thought. Hank tugged his hand making sure that Trevor felt the TANGIBLE touch. Hank brought Trevor to the his office in the hospital to be alone. He could sense Trevor’s uneasy feelings it surging through his body and anybody who was close by Trevor. The connection between the 100 circle was so strong it was almost like there was an electric CURRENT through all of them. The rest of the circle tried to stay close to the hospital to listen in on Hank and Trevor’s conversation. They were just so GRATEFUL the one was finally here, but the circle was concerned he would not be able to take on such responsibility. Hank sat up in his chair stiff as a stick just watching as Trevor’s eyes wandered around the office. The air was cold and crisp, the silence between them lingered around them. Hank was not usually the comforting type he works hard all day in the hospital, and has to be very STRINGENT as chief to not get caught up in feelings. Trevor opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out.He sat up taking a deep breath, chin up ready for anything

“Ok I’m ready to talk now.” Trevor proclaimed.

Episode 7

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“Ok I’m ready to talk now.” Trevor Proclaimed.

Trevor took all of his might not o look nervous in front of Hank of his answers. Although, Hank could see right through his fake PLASTERED expression. Hank was very keen on details and seemed to notice the smallest things the slight PERSPIRATION Trevor was giving off from his forehead to the MINUSCULE tremor surging through his hand. Hank looked Trevor dead in the eyes. The way he does to his clients showing no emotion just direct opinions and answers. Trevor took a deep sigh lifting his chest up to speak but ILLOGICAL mumbles came out of his mouth he had nothing. The two sat in silence for a little bit both almost without speaking REFUSING to talk to each other or start the conversation. Trevor finally worked himself up to talk and be able to take in what Hank says to him. Heal most seemed to put in an ALTER EGO of a very confident person.

“Why have I not heard from anybody?My family?” Trevor questioned.

“Time itself is not continuing outside of Goldcrest, therefore time stops once you enter the city and everything surrounding is almost frozen in place.” Hank answered.

“Ok, well why haven’t I known that I had powers before this? I mean if I am supposed to be one all in powerful. Wouldn’t I have known?” Trevor asked.

“No, we are a group of powers that bind us together we ASPIRE to be there for each other and not as individuals.” Hank said assertively.

Trevor once he started could not stop he was just so CONFUSED about everything to do with magic. Hank tried to be as POLITE and COMFORTING as he could be but it did not come easy to him. The other townspeople were still attentively trying to hear what they were saying. They had their own fears and worries to if Trevor was going to stay or even tell his family? With the people in Goldcrest they all share the same secret but what happens when you are the only member in your family that knows of magic? Do you tell them? Trevor was realizing from Hank’s description of the 100 circle magic is passed down through families, so Trevor was intrigued to whose side has magic abilities. Would they ever tell him?

Episode 8

Trevor was realizing from Hank’s description of the 100 circle magic is passed down through families, so Trevor was intrigued to whose side has magic abilities. Would they ever tell him? Magic runs within families it does not just happen automatically within people. Abilities can come from either one parent or both in the instance of both parents being magically capable their child would be a very strong witch or warlock. Trevor stunned gazed STEADILY into Hank’s eyes unable to fathom the possibility that his own parents could have magic capabilities.

Trevor though that is RIDICULOUS both of my parents are so boring they couldn’t be magical that is just impossible. Trevor can often get lost in his own thoughts, it was TORTURE for him to not know which parent or both had given him magic. Hank suddenly swiped his hand in front of Trevor’s face to DIRECT his attention back to reality. Hank sat upon his chair thinking it was a MIRACLE that he got Trevor’s attention. His face all of a sudden just went white and pale, his eyes staring forward, and his face with a blank expression. It had seemed that Trevor just went into a bubble where everything REVOLVED around him and his thoughts. This happened a lot in school and. at home. Over the years, of Trevor growing up within Walden every parent teacher conference went the same Trevor is a very bright child but… the ending was always different but similar. Trevor goes in his head a lot, not social, shy, and SENSITIVE. His parents after a couple years didn’t even bother to go to any more meetings because all they would hear is the same thing over and over again. At first, Trevor’s. parents would try to almost CORRECT or CURE his social behavior taking him to therapists and doctors. They would say in my opinion Trevor is perfectly normal and healthy he just likes to be by himself. This PETRIFIED his parents with worries what if he can’t get a job or go to college because he isn’t good with speaking to people. These worries slowly crept into Trevor’s thoughts once he got older and was more aware to people’s reactions to him. Trevor was the town freak now turned hero.

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Episode 9

Trevor was the town freak now turned hero. Trevor snapped back into reality, realizing that he needs answers to wether his mom or dad had magic abilities. Just contemplating his whole life has been a lie made Trevor’s head spin, to the point of feeling nauseous. Trevor was just wondering wether Hank and the rest of the town would COOPERATE.

“Hank I need to go back home and get some answers.” Trevor exclaimed.

Hank leaned back at in his chair and looked up to the ceiling. The fan above them seemed to start to slow down in swooping motions to almost a still. Hanks indecision made Trevor feel insecure and want to RETRACT his statement. It seemed to be that Hank had sunken into his own thoughts forever as Trevor was just a blip in time. Trevor grew anxious seeking for any kind of answer from his body language. Hank suddenly sat upright looking directly into his eyes with a fierce intensity.

“No.” Hank said flatly.

Trevor could not believe that Hank just could say north out any sign of EMPATHY. How could a person be so cold and not understand your situation? Trevor intensely grabbed the handles of the chair, his knuckles her white with rage. Trevor’s face grew a strawberry red and his toes clenched tightly to a coil. His whole body head to toe was filled with an INSANE fury. It was almost like his anger was a lion that could not be tamed and went on a rampage through the streets. Suddenly the. prying circle members felt his rage and began to worry what was happening inside the room. Trevor. stormed out of Hank’s office running as hard as he could. His legs flaying and heart racing Trevor was in a tunnel vision of leaving. His CONSCIENCE was cloudy with thoughts of what has happened throughout the past few days. Trevor could not control his emotions everything he has suppressed was coming out right in this moment. He clutched his chest as tears ran down his face in a CIRCULAR motion. The ground thumped with every foot step Trevor made, his breathing heaved rapidly. He caught himself stopped right in front of the force field shielding the town from the forrest back home. It was almost the end of the closing of the town. The LUNAR eclipse marked the end of trying to ATTRACT the one. Trevor looked back at the town the streetlights shined brightly through the night, the streets were empty, and everything was dead silent. He wondered is this would be his FINAL time being in Goldcrest. He turned back around to face the force field it was LUMINOUS as it warped a little as it became less strong towards time of the lunar eclipse. With that Trevor left entering into the dark forrest.

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