Have we hackneyed the word? Just like the word hackneyed, does anyone know what they are talking about when they talk about ‘brand’ or ‘branding’?

The most tedious task about working in branding is to describe what branding is, to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Sometimes, even people in business conferences need to be explained. Even after an explanation, while most think it is the same as marketing or advertising, some do understand the core of this intangible art. No matter how much they overlap, there is a clear line between branding, marketing, and advertising.

After having to explain it…

Most great brands are based on true stories.

Let’s start the discussion with values and principles. Because, if the entrepreneur or business owner doesn’t value the truth themselves, consuming this piece of literature is futile. We believe in truth strongly and assume that just like a human relationship between two individuals, the consumer and business relationship also demands honesty to survive.

The concept of advertising, marketing, and branding came about after the market became capitalist and competitive. People need to be heard to be able to sell. Not just that, they have to now position themselves as separate from other…

No one could have predicted the pandemic, or how this pandemic would change how the world functions- or how designers design?

Take something that is designed that you use, for an easy point of reference, let’s take a car. A car’s design matters, you have a function for it almost every day and you would prefer a visual design that matches your likings.

And it is not a strategy reserved only for MNC’s.


There will always be a time in every story when the old must yield to give why to the new.

This is what timelessness in design does for you. It gives you the freedom to experiment and a strong identity to fall back on. But what do you mean by experimentation then?

This is a strategy that can be put into action by designing marketing campaigns that might not follow the brand consistency guide but will have brand salience. …

Oh, what it was, and how is it now?

It is what it is-

Where civilization was, humanity is sown.

What is humanity,

…if not finding beauty in things?

And yet somehow remain; simply complex.

Hey, this is Manas writing from Slangbusters Studio. Actually, for Slangbusters- and currently sitting in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, somewhere in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas feeling like a speck of dust (read: stardust).

In this moment of beauty, I felt like being vulnerable and letting out the shy poet in me who wrote this the day he thought he got

…and of course, a lot of drama, Bollywood dance numbers, a love story within the business partners, and the success of their wedding planning venture.

A still from Yash Raj’s Band Baaja Baarat (2010)

Weddings are a huge part of the Indian subcontinent. More so, when it comes to the industry that has bloomed out of people opting for bigger and bigger wedding events, some that last for more than a week. The minimum average stands at three days. A small co-industry that has branched from this seed is the one that funnels the rest of these co-industries. This is the wedding management, the wedding organizers, or the wedding…

Films that are made on successful businesses often have a great backstory and a great backstory is one of those rare ingredients that give a tasteful and timeless aspect to brands.

A still from Mani Ratnam’s Guru (2007)

Abhishek Bachhan, in an interview, said 2007 was his landmark year. It is not a coincidence that his best, and probably the only film that highlights his acting skills, Guru was released this year. It did feel like a Bachhan lineage was on screen. There was a lot of Amitabh in Abhishek.

Back to branding. Films like Guru are classic examples of films based on the business world, the…

We have already talked about sales VS branding in a previous blog. Here we explore sales VS service, but with a branding perspective.

Branding teams have not been popular for their relations with the sales team. Results of timeless brands take patience to translate and reflect in the ledgers. Rocket Singh is a story of how someone’s quest was at the end a process of questioning what we have accepted as reality.

What the reviews said:

I am not one who listens to the reviews to determine a good film. I can appreciate a film, as an individual; with my own life and experience…

The overlaps between marketing and capitalism are apparent. Branding is a philosophy that came on much later. Where does branding fit into the capitalistic markets?

Almost every type, form, and medium of art that has sustained generations have had parallels that were seen without any social, cultural, or geographical exceptions and boundaries. The same has happened in the world of business, generally known as the market. The world adopted capitalism and soon after the wars and industrial revolution, marketing was also a part of our existence in the civil society.

Marketing and advertising were successful enough to blur the fine…

Let’s talk about the infamous managers and top tier executives and their unrealistic demand of delivery schedules. Maybe find a resolution?

Apparently, “I need it yesterday” is just one of the many toxic corporate ‘talk-ologies’ (pardon, these words shouldn’t be called language) But this one is that needs to leave the board room and we want it to go yesterday.

Yesterday-itis is seldom used to exaggerate emergencies. What was supposed to be an idiom for I need it as soon as possible, or at the earliest has now developed a tonality of emergencies. The fact that managers do not invest…

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