Business Insights: What Makes a Good Brand

It’s more than just the logo.

When given the chance to choose between Starbucks coffee and McCafe, which would you prefer? How about between Nike and Under Armour when it comes to shoes? You get it — you have your own set of preferences. But what makes you choose the one over the other? What makes a good brand?

It’s more than just the logo.

Many times, it is inevitable to simplify a brand to its logo. But when you consider one of its products closely, you’ll find that it has more than just the mark or the name. It has that remarkable experience that you rarely find in others.

From a previous talk with Brand Architect Jared Angaza, we learned that a brand basically expresses two things:

  • Connection
  • Authenticity

Listen to the episode with Jared on Stop Riding the Pine.

An Element of Connection

This springs from the idea that there exists a common ground between people and between everything in the world. One way or another there is a unique tie that binds us to other individuals in the planet.

These connections could come in the form of:

  • Shared values
  • Interests
  • Blood ties
  • Acquaintances

And we carry that connection with us wherever we go. We extend that as well to the people we meet every day in our lives.

So much of our day could be spent in doing tasks that just might seem minute in contrast to the ultimate goals we’re after. But whether we are aware of it or not, those little things that we do daily slowly build up into something greater — a general overview of who we are and what we do.

Unfortunately, that overview of ourselves is what people see. And whether we like it or not, it could catch us unprepared for its consequences.

“Branding is about creating an experience that honors a relationship.” — Jared Angaza in an interview with Laura Coe

How do you take action on the connection you have with others?

Similarly in business, we start it with the idea that we have a connection with our ideal client base. Understanding that as is tells us to take care of that connection.

That sense of care could be reflected on:

  • How we welcome new clients
  • The way we respond to clients when they need something
  • Our quality of results
  • Whether we’re taking the time to communicate

Care can show in everything that a business delivers. It is something that can be seen and felt. Ultimately, it provides a general experience for clients and can serve as their guide in the decisions they make toward the business.

An Element of Authenticity

A man once came across a little boy who was on his way to a costume party. He wore on a blue overalls, a red cap, and a hammer on his right hand.

The man wanted to know who the boy was imitating, so he asked, “Are you Super Mario?”

The boy replied, “No, sir. I am Bobby, the son of your neighbor Carol. Ha! I knew my cover’s awesome!” And together they raged in laughter.

Before starting a business, it is often encouraged to be clear on what you want to ultimately achieve and why you want it.

“The more willing people are to explore and re-imagine, the better the brand experience is going to be.” — Jared Angaza in an interview with Jaime Jay

It is by identifying and understanding one’s mission and vision that you are able to craft a brand that is peculiarly yours. Otherwise, you could be like the little boy who didn’t exactly understand the kind of answer that was expected from him.

The process of self discovery can be very challenging. According to Jared in his interview with Jaime Jay, it is a personal journey that calls you to be open about your thoughts and emotions. It is a journey of being honest about your brand.

That authenticity is the element that will help you craft a better experience for your clients.

The Process of Self-Discovery

Starting a journey might not be as easy as one would expect. Particularly on a business venture, it requires you to be clear on your goals. It calls you to have the patience to wait on good results as well as to have the ability to take your business to a higher level.

How has your journey been so far?

Perhaps what you need is a deeper understanding of the kind of experience you provide. That will help you to come up with better ways to grow your business.

“At the end of the day, being deliberate about crafting a brand experience that delights your customers is the best way to foster a community of loyal brand ambassadors.” — Jared Angaza in an interview with Slapshot Studio

In discovering one’s brand identity, it could be difficult to provide answers to questions like ‘What do you want to achieve?’ and ‘What is your purpose for starting your business?’. But along the way, you can be honest about yourself and understand the connection that you have with your target market.

In the end, you just might found that it is with this connection and this element of authenticity that you are able to create a good experience that benefits not just your business but also the people within your influence.

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