Technical Analysis Course , A Necessity for Stock Market Trading

As per research conducted by SLAS, a research and training company, 80 percent of retail traders and investors lose money in the stock market. Also, on state wise comparison compared to other states of India loss making traders and investor percentage is higher in Odisha. After thorough analysis following points were found as the reasons for loss of retail traders.

1.Lack of Knowledge on stock Market

The most important factor that was detected from the research over 2000 traders and investors was that the people were not adequately trained for trading in the stock market. Thus, the traders were swayed by the sudden movement of the market. Also, due to lack of knowledge, they were on the wrong side of the fence most of the time. It was found that, had the customers taken the technical analysis course on Indian Stock Market before entering the market, they could have avoided the loss and rather made profit.

2. Lack of Reach

Since most of the Technical Analysis course centres are situated in metros or big cities, people of small cities like Sambalpur, Rourkela or interiors of states like Odisha are not able to avail the benefits even though they want to. Going to bigger cities is a hindrance due to cost and the time factors as most of the retail traders and investors are either job holders or business persons. Hence, they are incurring losses due to lack of proper training facilities.

3. Lack of awareness on Technical Analysis

It is also seen that in a lot of the cases after incurring initial losses, traders and investors are looking for some remedies on how to trade successfully. But due to lack of awareness that these types of courses can benefit them to trade profitably, they are stopping short of joining the courses.


To provide solution to all these problems, some organisations have started putting effort to make the TA course available to all the corners of the state and the country. The prominent name for the Technical Analysis Course in Odisha is SLAS financial Services, based at Bhubaneswar and having branches at Balasore and Rourkela. Through online training facility, these organisations are able to overcome the problem of the distance. Thus, now all the nooks and corners of the state and the country can avail the benefit of the course.

With the introduction of economical software like SSS , now software signals are becoming affordable to most of the retail traders .

Thus, for retail traders and investors, technical analysis is the ship required to cross the waves of volatility and reach the harbour of profit successfully. Also, the courses are customised to suit the timing issues of the job holders and business men. By holding the courses in Saturdays and Sundays, even the job holders and business men are able to avail the benefits of the course.

Author’s Bio: In the above article author Subrat Das discussed how technical analysis course, a necessity for stock market trading.