The Start of a Journey

For CLA 1005, I am going to go down the non-service learning path where my story will be option number two from the list. Option two is about developing a narrative, ethnographic, and creative representation of my own evolving identity, values, strengths, and academic interests within my first year of college. I choose this option because I want to learn more about how students from all over are similar and different in our views and ideas of the world. I plan on gather information on this topic from various sources: classmates, friends, and conducting observations. Some of the questions I would work to find out would be: Does the environment one grew up in change the way the individual things of the world; What different experiences where given to students in a rural and urban community; and, Based on the individuals experiences, what would he/she have done differently?

This process will be a long and tenacious one, but I feel I will gain a sense of engagement with my piers and a better understanding where everyone, literally, stands.