Exclusive: Diego Granese Will bring Aviva Wines to Dubai after conquering the Italian market

2 min readFeb 24, 2021


Diego Granese is an Italian entrepreneur and influencer active in many sectors.

Recently moved to Dubai With Francesco Rivera and Steven Basalari and other Italian entrepreneurs. He focuses his business on international tax consultancy, with his own consultancy firm in Dubai called Billionaire Group.

His company deals with business internationalization, opening companies in Dubai and in countries with facilitated taxation and obtaining residence permits.

Diego announces that he will soon bring his Aviva wine brand to Dubai

The basic product is an excellent Spanish Muscat to which a special magical ingredient (completely natural and derived from chocolate) is added which makes the bottles of the AVIVA line more unique than rare.

The product that revolutionized the European beverage market Soon it will also be available in Dubai thanks to Diego Granese.

Ideal as an aperitif, a base for cocktails, for beach parties, as a gift and accompaniment to desserts, the Spanish magical muscat has conquered the market, selling more than 4 million bottles every year.

The taste is fresh and fruity and very pleasant, also ideal for refreshing summer days or as an after-winter dinner!