World’s first e-waste microfactory and elastic wound-healing will take the stage at IMPACT7

Some truly remarkable projects and presenters have accepted an early invitation to present their work at IMPACT7 on 9 August this year. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the fascinating research you’ll get to hear about at the event:

Imagine transforming the discarded components from your smartphones and laptops into valuable materials for re-use? Australian Research Council Laureate and UNSW Professor Veena Sahajwalla has made it possible by launching the world’s first electronic waste (e-waste) microfactory.

We hope Professor Veena’s work will get the conversation going about revolutionising recycling and producing a new generation of ‘green materials’.

A new medical technology that seals wounds — in only 60 seconds! In a special collaboration with Harvard Medical School, University of Sydney McCaughey Chair in Biochemistry Dr Anthony Weiss developed a ‘squirtable’ and fast-acting surgical glue that contains synthetic elastin biomaterials to accelerate and improve the repair of scars and wounds.

Bringing decades of research, we can’t wait to hear from Dr Weiss and his team at Elastagen who are making breakthroughs in modern medical technology.

Sharing the spotlight at IMPACT7 this year are researchers who have developed an Ebola vaccine, created a powerful space telescope, blending advanced biofuels and assessing the risks of our global ecosystem collapsing. Read more about the first cohort of invited presenters here:

If you want to be a part of IMPACT7 and share the impact you’re making on the world, it’s not too late! Applications to present close tomorrow Friday 8 June 2018. It is free to apply and travel grants are available to successful applicants. Whether you’re seeking recognition, commercialisation, investment, collaboration or mentoring — IMPACT7 welcomes all researchers, academics and innovators from all corners of the country to celebrate the future of Aussie research.

IMPACT7 is to be held on Thursday 9 August at the Carson Conference Centre in Melbourne. For more information, visit or email

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