The Responsibility Process

Right now, I’m reading The Responsibility Process of Christopher Avery. A book about the psychological process of how we take or avoid taking responsibility for what we don’t want. It is a quite powerful and generic model, that can be applied to the business world and the private life as well because it is about our innermost behaviors and how we can shape than in a way we benefit from.

In general, it describes that our response to things we don’t like is always going through these stages and perhaps finally are taking responsibility:

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Ignoring a topic

Lay Blame
Blaming someone to be…

In this article, I want to explore and share the possibilities of bonding deeply while not being physically present in the same room. Instead of being together virtually with online conference tools.

To get to the point let me first give some context.

Deep Connections and Social Fields

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One of the most fascinating aspects for me about being human is our capability to connect to each other on a deep level. If there is a safe space for bonding it seems to happen naturally.

Every time I’m struck by the power of it in workshops and retreats. Formats like the Forum, Hero’s Journey, Dreaming Circle and many many more are opening and nurturing us and facilitating reconnection. …

To form a team of engaged employees or partners is a rewarding challenge. The benefits of working remotely are obvious. Less traveling and thereby a lower footprint and lower invest and less effort for the organization because no physical space is needed.

But there are also risks. The chance for isolation is always present. The need for digital tools and a stable internet connection are high.

Based on our experiences here some tips to benefit from the pros and avoid the cons.

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Working in a team can be a bliss. In order to make that happen it needs a culture that supports that. Especially in a virtual group, this is utmost important, because there are fewer ways of interaction and with this connection possible. …


Sven Latzel

I’m dedicated to invent, explore, collect and use principles and tools around the new ways of working together. May it be on site or in virtual teams.

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