How To Have The Best Footwear Shopping Experience :

Women have a passion to buy more & more shoes of every style and design. However, when it comes to shop for special occasions, things turn a bit tricky as it is important to select the right pair that goes with the outfit as well as the theme of the celebration.

If you are looking forward to buy new footwear, make sure to check out the exclusive shoe store in Slauson Super Mall and grab the latest collection. To buy the best thing, take a look at some guidelines on how to choose the right shoes for every occasion.

  1. When going to attend a wedding or engagement, it is good to wear high heels. The elegant and sophisticated dressing style looks incomplete if heels are missed out. Make sure your shoes color matches the dress; however, it does not necessarily match the color of the outfit. You can also create a combination with other accessories or contrasting color if it looks good.

2. For semi-formal occasions and evening parties, you can easily choose what you want to wear. Not only you can choose simple heels but also flat shoes. Try going for thick and wide heels are they are more comfortable. 3. Feel free and confident to ditch stilettos as they are too high with a thin designed heel. They are a good option only if you are able to handle them when walking. 4. For working women, nothing is best than an elegant dress when it comes to attend business parties. If going for semi formal party or dinner, make sure to select the clothing accordingly. Bold colors with chunky heels look good. You can experiment with colors to add fun & excitement to the dressing.

5. Flat shoes and sneakers from some of the popular ladies footwear stores are a wise option to attend casual events. If planning to wear flat shoes, go for colorful or striped designs.

Follow these suggestions and you will definitely have a wonderful shopping experience.

Originally published at on May 19, 2017.