Trump Troubles

To: A Republican in support of Donald Trump.

From: A concerned fellow Republican.

Trump has to be one of the most influential people in the world. He really has knack for getting people excited and his confidence is contagious. He also clearly has some great leadership skills that have allowed at least a portion of his success. But many Americans were nothing more than amused that Donald Trump was running for President. As John Oliver of HBO put it, “Donald Trump is America’s back mole, it may of seemed harmless a year ago but now that it’s gotten frightening bigger, it is no longer wise to ignore it.” The reality of Donald Trump being the nation’s next President is hitting Americans with full force, now that he has won nearly two dozen primaries and caucuses. Some are very excited at the idea to have an outsider who is unaffected by sponsors and the norms of the political game. Others are very nervous about this loud, out of control, edgy and uncensored individual becoming the most powerful man in the world. It’s easy to see the arguments of both. Most would agree there are both benefits and consequences of the unleashed Trump becoming Mr. President. As you continue reading, you will see that the consequences of Trump in the White House heavily outweigh the possible benefits. While examining Donald Trump’s businesses, policies, and character, it will be clear that this is not a man that belongs in an office of such power and responsibility.

In Your Defense: I understand why people would be attracted to Trump, Americans are sick of the normal political bologna. Donald Trump is different and exciting. Trump is also very confident, which makes voters more confident in him leading America. When I first heard Trump speak I was captivated and excited for him to “shake things up”. I fell for the Trump hype, but that quickly faded as hype met reality. In this paper, I hope to inform not offend, because information is critical. Our founding fathers counted on our educated vote. We need to be informed as we make these leadership decisions.

Failure in Business

Trump Vodka: Trump stuck his hand in the “super premium” vodka industry by starting Trump Vodka in 2006. Trump said during the beginning years of Trump Vodka that, “By the summer of ’06, I fully expect the most called for cocktail in America to be the T&T or the Trump and Tonic.” (Holodny) Trump Vodka was no longer in production by 2011. I share this example to show that Trump will always be overly confident and outwardly hopeful, even when he has no reason for doing so. Don’t let Trump’s facade of confidence fool you into trusting him. His promises like the “million and millions” of new jobs and the great illegal immigration stopping wall should be taken with a grain of salt. These are Donald’s lofty expectations, just as he expected Trump Vodka to be the most called for cocktail in America.

Trump Airlines: Trump bought a low budget airline in 1988 called Eastern Air Shuttle and invested some money in order to make more “Trumpish” and of course gave it the name Trump Airlines. By 1992 Trump was able to drive this previously 27 year old air shuttle service out of business in a short four years, quite a feat indeed. (Holodny) This example shows that not everything Trump touches turns to gold, actually many projects Trump has “touched” turns to crap. Trump does not contain a secret code to make things profitable, he is not going to be able to magically create jobs and bring us out of debt. As Mitt Romney put it as he spoke of Trump, “Isn’t he a huge business success? Doesn’t he know what he’s talking about? No.”

Trump University: This mistake is yet another blemish on the already spotty business record of Donald Trump. In 2005 Trump established a “University” in which students were promised they “would be ‘mentored’ by ‘handpicked’ real-estate experts, who would use Trump’s own real-estate strategies.”(Tuttle) Nothing of the sort actually happened which led to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman saying “We look forward to demonstrating in a court of law that Donald Trump and his sham for-profit college defrauded more than 5,000 consumers out of millions of dollars,” and “We started looking at Trump University and discovered that it was a classic bait-and-switch scheme. It was a scam, starting with the fact that it was not a university.” (Rojas) Not only was Trump University a complete failure financially, it was also completely dishonest and a fraud. Many innocent victims lost large sums of money. When Trump is questioned about the fraudulent Trump University he usually cites the many great reviews students gave, but even this falls apart when you really look into it. A Trump University student, Mr. Tufenkian, shared his experience of how his teacher administered the evaluation sheets, “[A Trump U teacher] even said something like, ‘I won’t leave until you give me all 5s,’ ” and “ ‘When it was time to fill the evaluation out, he put it in front of me — right between the two of us on the table — and reiterated that he expected all 5s while he watched me.’ ” (Eder)

Trump Mortgage: In the spring of 2006 Trump-against the advice of economists who were beginning to predict the fall of the housing market-started Tump Mortgage LLC. Trump added these confident thoughts during the onset of the company, “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company,” and “The real estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come.” (Hamburger and Kranish) This clearly was not so as the housing market started declining that very year and reached its all time low in 2012. Trump interestingly claimed in July of 2015 while speaking to MSNBC that he had known the housing market “was a bubble that was waiting to explode.”(Hamburger and Kranish) It seems two options are made available by this quote, either Trump is stupid enough to start a mortgage company when he “knows” the housing market is a bubble waiting to explode, or he is a liar who is dead set at justifying his actions at the cost of the truth. Neither of these are tell-tale signs of a good president.

Bankruptcies: “I don’t like the B word” (Suddath) said Trump while testifying in bankruptcy court. Claire Suddath from Time Magazine commented that “Given the number of times Trump has flirted with bankruptcy, you’d think he’d be used to that word by now.” In 1990 Trump funded the building of the $1 billion Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, by 1992 the casino was almost 3 Billion in debt. This forced the business to file for bankruptcy. In 1988 Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in New York for $390 million and by 1992 the business found itself $550 million in debt and then filed for bankruptcy. In 2004 Trump Hotels and Casinos once again filed for bankruptcy after digging themselves a $1.9 billion hole of debt. Then in December of 2008 the same company, with a new name, filed for bankruptcy yet again.(Carroll and Youngman) Four bankruptcies is a lot, and in no way should the title of “business guru” be given to somebody with such a business record. John M. Griffin who is the James A. Elkins chaired professor in finance at the University of Texas-Austin added this comment on Trump’s bankruptcies “Somebody paid for those bad decisions, and those were his business partners and the banks that loaned him money, If he plays that strategy with our country’s money, who picks up the tab?” Mitt Romney added “Look, [Trump’s] bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. He inherited his business. He didn’t create it.” It is foolish for supporters of Trump to put so much trust in the “business expertise” of Donald when he has shown much failure through his business career. Please do not vote for Trump on the basis of thinking he is going to get this country of out of debt and create jobs, the past and facts do not merit such hopeless hope.

Simply put, Donald Trump is not the businessman we are looking for. Take this into consideration, “Businessweek estimated Trump’s net worth at $100 million in 1978. If Trump had merely put that money in an index fund based on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index — the kind many Americans use to save for retirement — he would be worth $6 billion today.” (Ehernfreund) Bloomberg press estimates Donald Trumps net worth at 2.9 billion, while Forbes puts him at 4.5 billion.(Melby and Rubin) Either way the chances are that if you were placed in the situation of Donald Trump in 1978 and simply invested your 100 million into an index fund, you would now have around two billion more dollars than Trump. Donald was born into a very good situation which allowed him to fool around in the business world and be successful in almost nothing more than a real estate business that his father started.

This all can be summed up by a another quote from Griffin, “In the finance literature, investors who have outperformed are said to have skill, or talent, and those who do not are called underperformers. Using both independent and self-reported estimates of his net worth, Donald Trump has underperformed his real estate investor peers by 48% and 57%, despite taking more risk. Donald Trump is obviously a skillful presenter and a talented entertainer, but in terms of his investment skills, he is a clear underperformer.”(Griffin) This is huge seeing how most proponents of Trump justify their support for him by citing his “impressive” business background and skill. Trump’s business skill is the strongest point of his campaign, but even this-like most things in Donald’s life-looks uglier and uglier the closer you exam it.

Unreasonable Policies

Tariffs: Trump has laid down several ideas for helping the economy. Most of them center around the idea that we need to take back jobs from Mexico, China and Japan by imposing heavy tariffs. (interesting seeing that he and his wife’s clothing line have many items made in China. (Long) ) There are so many issues with Trump’s plan for high tariffs, first of all there is no chance that they are ever going to be accepted. Consider economic expert Michael Strain, (resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.) who said “I think in order to qualify as a coherent set of policies, the policies have to not be cartoonish and the policies have to stand some chance of being actually enacted, and I just don’t think Mr. Trump’s trade policies meet either of those criteria,” Freund (a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics) added when speaking of the results of Trump’s tariffs “The world would definitely fall into a recession.” Donald Trump’s supposed tariffs would not only destroy America’s economy but the world’s.

Tax Plan: Trump also talked about helping the economy through his new tax plan. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center concludes that Trump’s tax plan would increase the national debt by $11 trillion by 2026 and increase it by 80% of the GDP in the following decade. They concluded their piece with “[Trump’s tax plan] would yield persistently large, and likely unsustainable, budget deficits. (Nunns et al.) “this will result in higher interest rates for all borrowers, both individuals and businesses. Anyone holding a mortgage or credit card debt or student loans will be affected, which will be millions of Americans. Private investment will be crowded out because it will be more expensive for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise capital and most importantly, create jobs. It’s hard to see how Trump could create “millions and millions” of jobs under such a scenario.” (Cary) It is obvious that not only will Trump’s tax plan directly cost the nation trillions of dollars, it will indirectly cripple businesses and destroy jobs leading to even furthering debt as the government is going to have less incomes to tax and more welfare to produce. Donald Trump’s tax plan will destroy America’s economy.

I understand Trump does have good ideas for helping the economy such as getting rid of Obama care which will lower government spending but I highlighted these examples to show major issues with Trump’s policies. Trump (thankfully) will never be able to enact most of his policies, because they are so radical there is not a chance that his policies will be approved by the house. So even if you believe Trump’s policies will be positive they will never see the light of day, they will only cause gridlock.

Questionable Character

Divorce doesn’t always mean fault, but being unfaithful to someone you promised complete fidelity with has to shed at least some light on the negative attributes of one’s honesty and trustworthiness. Trump cheated on his wife Ivana Trump with his mistress Marla Maples. He then officially left Ivana and married Marla Maples, who he then divorced in 1999. (Suddath) How in the world are voters to trust the always shifting words of this man when he has been shown that he cannot be trusted with the most precious and solemn promises any man can make? And then he brags about affairs in his book The Art of the Comeback saying “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller.”(Trump and Bohner) The oath of office will hold no water to a man who has broken his marriage oaths multiple times.

Trump is a liar, simple as that. Trumps supporters claim that a strong point of Donald Trump is that he “tells it as it is”, facts disagree. rates 76% of what Donald Trump says as some level of false. In May of 2013 Donald Trump tweeted “ If Jon Stewart is so above it all and legit, why did he change his name from Jonathan Leibowits? He should be proud of his heritage!” then in May 2015 tweeted “I never attacked dopey Jon Stewart for his phony last name. Would never do that!”(Trump). Though this lie is relatively insignificant, it still enlightens us about this man’s character.

Donald Trump just wants everybody to know how cool he is and doesn’t take anything from anybody who thinks otherwise. Take this tweet of Trump’s for example, “John Oliver and his people call to ask me to be on his very boring and low rated show. I said “NO THANKS” Waste of time & Energy!”(Trump) Now what in the world would be the purpose of tweeting this? I see two possible reasons, first he wants to make Jon Oliver look silly and inferior and/or he wants people to really know how wanted and “cool” he is as he turns these people down. This parallels the self conscious and attention seeking high schooler tells the whole school how he turned down the head cheerleader. This tendency is dangerous as President. Trump’s desire to make himself appear liked and wanted will lead Trump to try and silence critics even to the expense of the first amendment. We are already seeing this start to happen during his rallies. Trump’s rallies are a center for violence and pure hate for any who speak against him. Trump said at one of his rallies “So If you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them would ya? Seriously”(“Donald Trump To Protesters: Bye Bye — CNN Video”) A presidential candidate Inviting supporters to be violent to those who don’t support them is simply unacceptable. This support of violence is in no way a healthy sign of an effective president. Ponder what a man like this will do as acting as commander and chief of the most powerful army in the world. How will his “knock the crap out of them” approach carry over into his foreign policy? This approach to opposers is also making the divide between Trump supporters and non supporters even wider. Trump is dividing America and that will only increase if he is elected. If he is bringing only violence, dishonesty and hatred to America you can be the judge of what kind of person he is. Probably not the type of individual we need to be running this great nation.


Donald Trump should not be our next President. He is not qualified to run this country. His businesses skills are subpar. His character is questionable and his policies are unrealistic. I know the idea of Trump is very attractive but the reality isn’t. Inform yourself, research some of these issues. I hope what you have read today will make you more interested in really knowing who you are voting for. The future of America will be greatly affected by this election. My main goal was not to bash Trump but to inform voters so that America really can be great again.

May God bless America.

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