WordCamp Sofia 2015 and Ideas

Photo credit: Kyryl Lakishyk — freeimages.com/photo/bright-idea-1191075

WordCamp Sofia (Bulgaria) 2015 is now gone. It was just a few days ago. I was hoping that it would be 2 day event full of presentations and third day as contributor’s day. Just like it was for WordCamp Europe 2014. Hopefully the organizers will do it next year that way.

There were some nice talks about WordPress theme submission and security. The even is also cool and as always it attracts all kinds of cool people using WordPress in different ways.

On contributor’s day I decided to do join the Theme Review team because I wanted to learn more about the WordPress theme review process. In one of the presentations I learned and got proof that it takes months (!) to get a theme approved and I become curious to find out more.

It seems it takes time to find a theme reviewer who will test it and provide feedback. Also the theme must conform to the requirements because it can potentially be used by a lot of people. If a poor quality themes gets into the directory that may potentially affect WordPress’ reputation.

The first thing is to setup the environment. I had to setup a fresh WordPress install, import some sample content, install some useful plugins to help with the troubleshooting (if any). I’ve read about VVV but I guesstimated that it would take more time so I used my local machine for the setup.

Another thing I noticed was that the plugins that were supposed to test a theme were outputting warnings (not errors but still annoying because debugging must be turned on to see your own plugins and themes’ warnings and it gets too much). These plugins theme-check (fixed), WordPress Importer produced warnings. I would have expected those plugins to be more thoroughly tested. I guess it is true that in every software there’s bugs waiting to be found.

From time to time I like to immerse myself into lessons, discussions with lots of people to expose yourself to many different ideas. Then let your mind do its magic into combining, extracting, processing the information and the result some interesting ideas start to come in.

I incorporated the ideas I gathered during the Theme review process into qSandbox (test/staging WordPress sites). Now there is a WordPress Designer Bundle which includes a fresh WordPress install + Sample Content + ~20 pre-installed developer plugins. This can easily save at least 30–45 minutes to people who need to review a theme or test their own themes. You’re very welcome :)

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