How Fallout 4 can kill your Startup

November 10. 2015, a date that hit the world like the dawn of the nuclear age. Fallout 4 brought the nuclear age into virtual reality once again. Reports are coming in from wife’s enjoying their last few days with their husbands to porn sites loosing a huge amount of traffic to this gaming masterpiece.

3 main early warning signs that are hard to miss:

  1. Vault 111 t-shirt a.k.a. the Thumbs up of “Death”

2. Pip boy. Not to be confused with with a new IT gimmick or the next gen iwatch

3. Vault tech survival bag, a must have for all wasteland wanderers

So what does this mean for your startup?

Did your CEO or CTO take a leave of absence due to some “urgent business”?

Have you noticed some delays in delivery, sprints or product deployment recently? Or some increased work absences of your engineers? How do your sales numbers look over the launch week?

If none of these apply to your startup, then you just might have survived the virtual nuclear apocalypse.

Don’t be greedy, treat your engineers well, let them enjoy a few hours of wasteland wandering before getting back to work on your “billion dollar” startup unicorn.

Though even pornhub saw a 10% decline in their traffic, we at Adult translations ( certainly took these matters seriously and made all the precautions to not get wiped out from chronicles of startup history.

How did you startup do during these difficult times?

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