A game of Transparency: How Defeat Allows Players to Improve

Image courtesy of The Kenner League The Hoop Magic All Stars convening with coach


Justin Mazzula from George Washington Universtiy made good plays on the court for his team. “I think the game went well it went in our favor. I along with my teammates did our part and worked hard, so it goes to them.” said Mazzula

“This is me going against good competition to prepare me for my season at Georgetown. This game I attacked the ball well mad good rebounds and just simple things like making good plays.” said Walker

“Us two being able to gel together as players as Howard University will help us in our upcoming season,” said RJ and our communication as a team has been better than past games but as we keep winning and continue to play together we’re all on the same page on the court.

Incoming freshman at Howard University Charles Williams (CJ) said, “We rebounded well got easy points early got off to that good lead and kept advancing from there.”

A strategy that was associated with their win, On Point against the Tombs

Christopher Sodom from Georgetown University and player on The Hoop Magic All Stars spoke about his performance during this afternoon’s game. Sodom’s transparency is what was apparent after speaking to him about the teams loss to Clyde’s

“I think this wasn’t my best game I’m a defensive player and I’ve got to work on my outside defense” said Sodom

Michael Morsell a player at Townson University said, “The Kenner League is helping me become a better athlete because, it is taking me to another level. Everyone out her is really good. For the next games I can make improvements in handling the ball better. I had a lot of costly turnovers and bad fouls toward the end and moving forward making smart decisions with the ball.”

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