Anticipating The Playoffs Week 4 at The Kenner League

Image courtesy of The Kenner League HIGHER LEVEL vs. CURT SMITH ALL STARS


Week 4 at The Kenner League has brought out a lot of fans. Today’s game just a week away from playoff games are drawing in a lot of hype and anticipatory spectators. The teams played very rigorously.

During the second game between the teams Hoop Magic All stars and Ballaholics University there was a very intense ending to the first quarter. Saiquan Jamison from Hoop Magic was just about to make a layup as he attempted the shot defensive players cornered him and his three attempts were blocked. to no avail he missed the shot as the buzzer sounded ending the first quarter. Despite the rocky start the game was very close and Hoop Magic ended up taking the lead.

Ballaholics coach yelled from the sidelines, “We have fouls to give, why would you give him a bucket?”

However, Ballaholics player #23 Tariq Felder took the team to 36 points.

Jamison from Bowie State and Ryan Williams from Georgetown really assisted in bringing the team into a win this afternoon.

“Today defense really helped us to the win, the last few minutes were close we were up by ten points, but then we ended up only winning by two points so it was pretty close game.” said Chris Sodom

Sodom scored a total of eight points for his team Hoop Magic All Stars.

In between the start of the third game the bleachers filled with crowds of people. These fans sat awaiting to see a new face that will be a part of Georgetown basketball, Jamarko Pickett who scored a total of 18 pts for his team the Tombs. Antwan Walker from Georgetown contributed greatly to the teams win. He pushed the ball to the hoop and was able to continuously make shots. Walker made a smooth dunk before the other players could catch up across the court

Jimmy Paige saved a missed shot and rebounded it for the Tombs. Jaquan Mosely from Georgetown also played a large role in the Tombs’s success. Mosely was at the free throw line where he made each shot attempted and helped increase the score for the Tombs. Mosely scored a total of 18 pts, with 5 rebounds. Having Walker and Mosely on the team makes them a threat to any opposing team. Both have shown their skills in handling the ball and making shots for the past weeks of the Kenner League

“I’m just trying to get better, I want to show people what I can do on the defense and offensive end. I have to get better at guarding, guarding the ball and just improving my performance each week. “ said Walker.

For a more in depth look at scores and a breakdown of statistics for each player check out:

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