So over spring break I had been given a great opportunity to be an orientation leader. My only job… to get upcoming students from one place to another while making their time on campus as enjoyable as possible. Easy Peasy. Or so I thought.

While in reality I actually had a bunch of small jobs that made up my position. Customer Service, Public Speaking, Campus Knowledge and the list goes on and on.

While most parts were very much enjoyable, such as meeting new people each and every day, other parts were a struggle.

Like for instance how none of the students at orientation really want to be their, They want to get in and out as soon as physically possible. Some students get so antsy to leave, they end up wandering off.

It’s almost like a game, “how can we keep our group from running off?”

Some sure ways to make sure our students don’t just leave are with hold their Student ID Cards (Ha take That!) or remind them that they need to stay to be able to schedule for their classes.

But if they really want to leave not even that can keep them from skedaddling. What I found, however, that yes all those thing are big and that why they were there those days but it was not the only thing they needed those days. What they really needed was a friend, a familiar face, a friendly face.

I could be that for them… and so that is exactly what I did.

I was that person that helped these students make their Initial connection to campus. I started up conversations, asked questions, and got the students involved and interacting with not only me and advisers but with each other.

It was like a miracle because after that connection is made I did not have to force any student to stay with the rest of us or threaten the kidnapping of their ID. They came excited and ready to learn about the people and the place that they will be calling home.

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