“And until we recognize the hateful underlying structures that allowed Donald Trump to reach the…

Thanks for reading and the response, even if you’re not a fan. You presumably are interested in a discussion since you responded to my article. Either that or you’re a hairy troll. Either way, I’ll respond.

First point: I refer to non-voters as “smarmy adolescents” not because they didn’t vote for one of two options, but because they didn’t vote at all. Write-ins are possible, and making a political statement by NOT making a political statement is pretty puerile in my mind. I’ll use the words of someone smarter than me: “There is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote.”

As to what seems to be your second-point about giving Trump a chance, nope. We gave him a chance in the primaries and the presidential election. He had a chance to not insult virtually everybody in the world over and over again. We all have a sliding scale of where we draw the line, and for me that line was crossed when he managed to insult everyone in the world that isn’t a white male.

The normalization of Trump’s disdain for most types of human beings is shocking, and your idea of “giving him a chance” is the exact type of scary thing we’ve seen happen throughout history when virulently hateful people keep saying, “I’m not that bad.” I mean when Trump was asked, “What about the people who are scared about your presidency?” His response was, “Don’t be scared. Really, don’t be scared.” Are you kidding? I admire your optimism about what he might do. I personally think he will do none of those things. Do you honestly believe he’ll push renewable energy, for example, when the guy he chose to head the EPA is a guy who doesn’t believe the environment needs protection? Come on, man.

If you want to call me closed-minded for refusing to support a man who believes in a woman’s right to choose; and if I’m bigoted for refusing to “wait and see” about a president who picked Bannon, an anti-Semitic, wife-beating ultra-nationalist to a senior White House position; if you honestly think I’m closed-minded because I refuse to give a chance to a guy who believes in eugenics and whose vice president believes in “conversion therapy” for gay people, well then I’m even more afraid for the future than this article initially let on.