Coupledom changes the shape of the essence of two people.

While alive, we direct ourselves and put one foot in front of the other. In doing so, a unique memory and potential forward are formed.

At some point along this trajectory, we may be so lucky to fall in love and make a union with another.

The bodies that were expand and with grace carry with it potential unparalleled by the individuals alone. As with all worthwhile undertakings, large potential for light is mirrored by an analogously large potential for dark.

Individuals unique memories erected before the point of union…

When we are living we do two things. The first is to face a direction and the second is to move.

While direction is really a matter of 360 degrees rather than right or wrong, there is a boundary whereby is or is not directing themselves towards the light.

In the figure above, there is a double line at 300 degrees a single line at 0 and a perforated one that can touch on all points along the circle in between. If the double line at 300 degrees is the light, than all points within a quarter circle (or 90…

Providence means divine guidance or care. Like my late mother, I often find the process of making difficult decisions (or even less than difficult ones) excrutiating. This is part of why I have felt invested in understanding how providence works.

In some cases our anxieties lead us to attach ourselves to ideas, and to not let go until we must. In other cases we understand that life offers us routes that we willingly accept. So is the latter providence and the former living life in its absence?

Whether I am making up the rules and sticking to them until I…

Living our best lives is a concerted effort of going upward and inward. Upward is putting one foot in front of the other. It’s our power and our ability to turn dreams into realities. Inward is operating at no skew in relation to the light. We are born with 0 skill but we have pressures within us and multitudes outside of us which help us to adapt into the skews we inevitably develop. It saddens me to say but mislearnings, including traumas, often lead us askew. If not them, then it’s operating well in a universe that is askew. …

Where do ideas come from and what’s the mechanism through which they become who we are?

I created a map for the theory of everything. Let us start there?

Ideas come from our ability to imagine (labeled, “potential life lef to live”), and from the ethers (labeled, “collective conscience”). Another way to describe the ethers or collective conscience is culture at large.

The two places ideas come from can intermingle. They would intermingle if you got an idea from outside and made it your own. For example you see a girl wearing a garbage bag as a poncho and you…

The importance of collaboration. The importance of friendship.

I like to talk about life as a sort of spiral that we make from the time we are conceived, to the time we die. Personally I believe we are a part of something much larger, which extends in both directions, beyond these points in our lives. Still, the spiralalic model is helpful.

Here’s a version of it, with parts labled: body, mind and heart.

Often I think about how we become who we are over the course of our lives. How what’s in our heart, becomes what’s on our mind, and…

With colors and shapes and the application of them in interpreting the essence of souls, I will try to elucidate the difference between myself and a gorilla as far as I understand that difference to date. My soul functions in a spiral pattern, with seven opportunities (ROYGBIV) in each turn allowing for the passage of light (50.1–100), or alternatively its absorption (0–49.9). If 100 is the passage of all light, and 0 is the absorption of all, gorilla’s only have the capacity to function at 50 (or neutral) at any, and all times. …

Sarah Charlesworth — Concrete Color

Will the answer surprise you?

The answer I came to through experience surprised me. Even so, when I called a well celebrated artist (my mom) to tell her my hunch, her answer surprised me more. She doubled down, and insisted that this is why art exists.

I was always under the impression that the purpose of art must be either,

1) As a marketable commodity. Art can be like any asset. It can be a way to store money and hopefully help it to grow.

2) (In a similar vein), as a marker of status. Some artists’ work can only…

Population mental health through Quora

What do you do when you find yourself tiptoeing around in your intimate partnership?

In preparation for today’s article, I found myself poking around on Quora asking, “Darling Molly, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my worth and not feeling fulfilled in my life. I’ve noticed that overt sexual attention from males makes me feel more secure. I fear this may be hurting my relationship with my boyfriend, who I live with, but I also do not feel compelled to stop seeking this self-affirming gaze otherwise. What can I do? Best, Sukie.”

The idea was that I might be…

Chris Rodley

My greatgrandmother, grandmother, mother and I all share the first name, Sarah. We’ve also all enjoyed being homemakers. Since age 24, I’ve been the only one left. It’s only now at age 30, I realize I should pass on what they taught me about how to get stains out.

In my experience, The rules are very simple. There is a cold-water, soap and scrub method, a warm water, soap and scrub method and a boiling water drum one. The real trick is figuring out which method to use.

When you spill something on your clothing the first thing you want…

Sarah Lucy Charlesworth Poe, MS, MPH, MA

Philosophical Doodler

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