Daily routine (Needs to change)

So for someone like myself who’s on the spectrum, should really have a set daily routine, but I don’t, I used to go to school, college etc, I did many things in order, but now suffering with depression, anxiety and the Autism on top it’s not so easy anymore, I don’t go out as much as a twenty three year old should do, I don’t really do much at all. I can spend hours all day in bed doing sweet F.A, and that really should change, I am not doing any favours for myself.

My daily routine is roughly like this; mum wakes me up with a nice hot brew, sometimes I stay awake long enough to drink it, sometimes I fall asleep and wake up just in time to drink it or I fall asleep wake up and realise it’s stone cold. I then check all my notifications on my phone, Facebook, Timehop, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, even sometimes check the Sky News, I sometimes just swap through them apps throughout the day.

Sometimes I’ll be lucky enough to get out of bed get dressed and do something productive, I go out see friends when I am at my best, sometimes my other half comes round and falls asleep for me to watch him snooze and I do sweet F.A. ’cause that’s apparently how relationships are nowadays. Sometimes I go round his to just watch the back of his head, while he ignores me to play L.O.L, and to be fair, it really sucks, suffering with anxiety and depression and not quite understanding how to feel or how to make myself better, that’s where the autism fucks my life up entirely.

I then wait for a phone call from my mum telling me she’s just finished work, so then I await for her to return home, she makes me another brew, have dinner take my medication, and watch stuff on T.V., then basically go to bed, watch something on my laptop, and start all over again.

My goal this year, is to change all of this, I need to start thinking about myself for once, stuff everyone else, I am going to change, I am going to get myself up and out of bed, I will force myself as much as I can to go outside and take a walk, I will do all this, with or without your help!

Peace Out
-The Anxious Mess. X