Five Guys I Find Attractive

  1. The obvious my partner, he’s got some beautiful eyes that shine right out of his brainless head hehe, he’s not that dumb, he’s just a numpty, he has a nice round ass that I like to touch every now and again, thats my butt.
  2. I am attracted to my friend Andrew Dodds, only because he is just so cute and generally a good friend and a nice lad, he always has my back, and his personality is just really lovely.
  3. Chris Pratt-Need I say more?
  4. Tom Hardy, he’s just a fucking gorgeous man, he just has a beautiful face.
  5. Tom Hanks, he’s just one of my idols to be honest, I have always loved Tom Hanks, his voice and accent is music to my ears, he’s also pretty hot for an old fella.

That’s it for now, I just thought I’d get this one out the way :D

Listing to: Wolf in sheep clothing by Set it off.

Peace Out- The Anxious Mess