Job centre Pluss

This is about my experience with this absolute rubbish course I attended.

As most people know the Job centre in itself is a tough place to go, and really they treat you like idiots, when all you’re doing is trying to actually ask for help, but as I was on a specialist adviser due to some difficulties I was having, he referred me to Pluss+. Which essentially is a place for people whom find it ten times harder in life itself, people not only with psychical problems but also mental problems too (Not mental as in I am eating your hand or I’ll stab you with a fork if you touch my food mental).

So as you’d think that these advisers would know what they’re doing, or what techniques they can use to help those in need, however they were absolutely shite, they were basically a fat ass ball of wank, and not only to myself but others too, so the team building and the fun lessons were all good I don’t remember much information (but thats because my brain is basically a gold fish) however they expected me to know how to update my CV, how to write a cover note, and knew how to apply for jobs, they never taught or helped me with the important things, and to be honest, not many other people got much out of it even though they say “guaranteed job at the end of it” which obviously was bullshit for most the people who attended.

Other people such as the ones who went at the same time as me got treated like dirt, got nothing out of it and straight back to square one, also have been getting support for my autism in finding where I belong in the world with social groups, too jobs, they have even said that they have heard not a lot of good things about Pluss.

So if you’re being forced to go to Pluss, ride it out, if you get a job out of it in the end, congratulations, if you don’t welcome to the real life of help!

Little Rant over.
Peace out-The Anxious Mess.