What is the worst thing about love you ask?

Let me tell you all about love, when you love someone for what they look like, that would be called lust, you cannot just love someone on how they look, love is deeper than that. Love is something powerful, it can consume your whole entire life, for the good and for the bad..People think that life is all about finding that someone, that love you search for all your life.

Love is more than just saying “I love you” words mean nothing without action, so when you think *Oh this person is really good for me, makes me laugh and give me butterflies, I must tell them I love them* then stop, just stop there, love is more than all above, loving someone unconditionally is love, loving someone for their flaws, their mistakes, and their past, loving them when they’re in a mood, loving them when they shout, or cry, loving them when they fight. Love is fighting for them and vise versa, loving someone is when someone attacks you, and they’re the first person there, they’re the first person to stick up for you and protect you.

Love is more than just sex, dates, etc. Love is just holding their hand through the street, love is sitting next to them on the sofa, love is a simple kiss on the cheek, when you know you wont see them for a while, love is waking up with them on your mind, love is saying goodnight, love is waking up with a smile on your face, love is falling asleep with a smile on your face

Love is sometimes what makes us happy.

Love is when someone can make you feel a better you, someone who brings the best out of you, someone who can just accept you for your personality, your face, your humor, even if you’re too skinny or too fat.

Love isn’t always a good feeling; it can ruin you like no other, it can leave you heart broken, sad, anxious, and depressed. Even sometimes paranoid, you sometimes sit there thinking *Did I say too much* *Am I being annoying* *Am I good enough?* *What are they doing* *Are they ignoring me*

Or sometimes, you can love someone so much that it hurts, the other person could eventually just stop trying, or just become distances, they don’t want to spend time with you anymore, they even stop fighting to just be with you.
Sometimes you can love someone so much to the point you scare them away.
Love hurts more than anything in this world if you love someone who doesn’t love you. 
People say if you love someone who doesn’t love you then it isn’t love. Incorrect if they make you a better you, make you laugh until your cheeks hurt from smiling too much, if they make sure that you’re okay, all from the above I’ve written, then that is love. You don’t have to have real love to receive the love back. But it will hurt, my advice is to carry on loving them, be there for them, don’t let that person go, and don’t let that love ruin you. But do move on because there will be someone out there, someone just right for you.

However the worst kind of love is when you love someone who love’s someone else, they “wish someone could love them back” and you sit there thinking “hello i’m right here” but you know they don’t feel that way about you.

But the best advice I can give you.
The best love you can ever have in this world, is self love, if you love yourself the heartache from another wont hurt as much as it would if you didn’t love yourself at all.

Love yourself first. 
-Just A Small Town Girl- ❤