My bad art!

So I did a two year diploma of Art and Design (AAD) in my college years (when I did college) as it was quite awhile ago I didn’t carry on the art in my free time, as I got told it was pointless, and that every single person I spoke to about an interest for the art industr ythey knocked my confidence out of me every single time.

I really wanted to become a photographer, and yet people made snide remarks and put me down enough for me to believe that my art work wouldn’t be enough to make it out there in this big world.

I’ve had some time to think, I even picked up my painting skills in which I haven’t done in such a long time. I feel good about myself when I accomplish a piece of art.

So why am I so scared in picking up my camera and doing what I love most?
Is it fear of not being good enough? Is it because I know my photography isn’t the best? Or is it because I have no confidence?

I am now going to do a brave thing and share some of my photographs that I have taken within the past, and someone please be honest on what you think of them, and whether I should continue my dream?

This one is my most favourite of my photographs. It’s not been edited either..

Fire in the eye
My baby-Lizzie
Weeds aren’t always disgusting.
Hello Darkness My Old Friend.
My mum ❤
Portaventura ❤
Also Salou
Another perfect shot.
Life isn’t simple
Never leave my side.

Peace out
-The Anxious Mess. xoxo

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