The Thing That is Distracting Society

Technology is a big part of this world. It’s awesome. Instant access to any information someone might need is just a click away. Technology helps with homework, provides entertainment, and acts as a newspaper. It’s also super easy to get ahold of; it’s everywhere. What’s not to love about it? While technology has the great ability to provide access to anything, it creates the possibility of making people antisocial. This has affected society due to people have becoming addicted to it, acting as a barrier to the real world. Technology makes people antisocial by preventing them from interacting with others, making them become lazy, and taking away manner skills.

For example, kids are just not kids anymore. They are so wrapped up in their distracting gadgets that going outside to play isn’t as common as it used to be. Parents just hand them a device to keep them busy and the kids like it so much they want to just play with that.

Everyone is distracted by technology. It’s in the way and in-between almost every human interaction it seems. People, especially the younger crowds, are so focused and worried about what is going on on their phones that they’re missing out on the opportunities to socialize with their friends or classmates. For these photos, they will be filtered black and white to give a lonely vibe to them.

These days younger people are always seen on their phones at the dinner table. They are so obsessed with their electronic devices that they are missing their manners. It is known that the phones can wait till after dinner, otherwise it’s rude to be on them at the dinner table. Everyone has seemed to forget this though.

Technology is useful. It has benefitted and helped the world for sure. It just makes people antisocial. So in this photo essay, I will display photos of regular people. I will focus the photos on what’s distracting this person. It’ll just include people, items, and places of everyday life. I will show different ideas about my topic and how technology makes society that way.

This park is lonely. The filter adds to a dark gloomy feel. Kids don’t come outside as often to play.
These college students are too distracted on their phones to get any work done. The lines from the computer all direct back to the phones.
In the elevator but they are avoiding contact while being on their devices. The line in the middle of the photo is acting as a wall that is not really there because they might as well be in two different rooms anyway.
At only a year old, this child is already very interested in the computer.
This student uses her smartphone to pass by time. I zoomed in on it to show where all of her focus is going.
Taken from a concert I attended recently, you can see all the flashlights from cellphones here. It’s very common these days to see others busy on their phones recording, rather than interacting with the concert.
This picture is taken at a higher angle to show that the college students are too distracted by their phones to pay attention to each other.
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