From Graphic Designer to Product Designer
Hugo Carneiro

Great story, Hugo, thanks for sharing!

So, my long story short — I have similar experience. At the beginning I started with coding, then I moved to project management in small startup where I have multiple roles — from gathering (business) requirements, creating simple wireframes (mostly in powerpoint) to making a marketing plan. It was quite hard to manage and do all activities. Thanks god I didn’t code or program, it was 2009 so the time of IE6 and other “hells”. One day I decided to move to UX field because I was fascinated how things (don’t) work. That moved me a miles and I realized that my project before was, well, it makes mi laughing when I rememeber them :) And now I am moved again. Leading small team of people, building our e-shop platform and finally making some graphic designs in sketch. I have still multiple roles but they are now different — from UX, Analyst, Designer, Product manager to CTO (yes, technology lover :)).

Sure, sometimes it is quite hard. It takes a lot of time, there are stress situations, etc. But when came the moment that something is building in front of your eyes and it is for example not working as you hope, you analyze it, trying to identify and solve the core (or maybe small) problem(s) — that’ s the thing that kicking me to improve my skills & learn new skills, move further. It is like a puzzle that you are trying to solve and it gives you new challenges.

Never stop moving, there are lot of opportunities. Just see them.

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