5 Benefits of Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

Christine Mayoff
Apr 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Today bamboo bed sheets are of a high demand in the market. Around 70 Percent of the people today are opting for Organic bamboo bed sheets .Especially in summers these bed sheets are sold in a high rate. But why? There are many reasons behind it. Well, below given are a few advantages that these bed sheets offer.

Can absorb moisture

These bed sheets are quite different from cotton bed sheets .It can absorb moisture at a rate of 300 percent of their own weight. In comparison to cotton bed sheets this is three times more absorbent.

Have moisture wicking property

It wicks away moisture present in your skin. With these bed sheets you can sleep in a comfortable manner.

Thermoregulation property

These bed sheets have the capacity to regulate your body temperature. But why? This is because of the presence of the fiber in it. The filaments are packed with micro size gaps and those gaps allow the fabric to regulate your body temperature.


These bed sheets are tough yet soft. They last for years if maintained properly.


You might have noticed that the cotton bed sheets often get shrink after a few washes. As bamboo fibers have more elasticity than cotton, it never gets shrinks.


Bamboo sheets are biodegradable. The fabric breaks down in a quick and natural manner without leaving any chemical residue.

Thus, these are the top advantages of organic bamboo bed sheets. If you want to avail these advantages, then purchase it from Sleepsosoft. It is a shop that deals with variety products of bamboo like bed sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases, etc. The bamboo bed sheets are 100 percent pure with 320 thread count.

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