10 Ways To Deal With Stress In Your Environment As A
Sleep Struggler

We all probably have someone in our lives who is a sleep struggler.

This person in my life is my boyfriend.

For the two years I have known him, I cannot recall a day that he has not made the statement, “I didn’t sleep well last night.” And every day, I feel helpless; there is nothing I can do to help him sleep. His sleep struggle creates a vicious cycle. As an engineering student, he often has 10 hours of class a day, and then is up nearly all of the night studying. His day looks like this: get coffee, go to class, take an hour nap in between class to try and dull the exhaustion, get more coffee, go to class, and repeat from 8 am until 6 pm. Then comes studying, along with more coffee. Finally around 2 am its time for bed, when he takes three times the recommended dosage of Melatonin in desperate hopes of falling asleep. Either one of two things will happen-he won’t ever fall asleep, or he will not be able to get up the following morning because he feels groggy from the melatonin. This happens daily.

However, unlike myself, he is not very open with others about his sleep struggle. When he can barely function or concentrate, he does not want to let people know that the reason is because he did not sleep the previous night. So my question is:

How can sleep strugglers better handle communicating with the environment around them?

I want to provide a variety of options, so I’ve come up with 5 ways to approach people in a way that hides the fact that you’re sleep deprived, and 5 things to tell people when you don’t mind revealing that you’re sleep deprived.

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5 ways to handle the environment if you don’t want to tell them about your sleep deprivation

1) Work

“Sorry I am so tired today. I was up all night sending customized emails to each of our contacts about improving the personal relations with our customers, and then I ended up chatting and hanging out with them in order to learn about their personal needs.”

2) School

“Sorry I’m so exhausted. I was up all night studying the relationship between cancer and gender. And also, I was studying Japanese.”

3) Relationships

“Sorry I wasn’t paying attention to you. I was too busy thinking about how beautiful/handsome you are.”

4) Loud Neighbors

“As much as I love your loud music at night, I am trying to meditate to promote world peace, and I’m concerned that the disturbance will disrupt it or bring about World War III.”

5) Best Friend

“Sorry I’m so out of it today. I was up all night getting your name tattooed on my arm, and then making friendship bracelets out of seed beads.”

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5 ways to tell people you’re sleep deprived

1) Work

“You know when your workload is so piled up that you feel like no matter how many hours of work you put in, there is virtually no way it will ever get done? That is how I feel when I try to sleep. No matter how long I lay in bed, I don’t feel like I am ever going to fall asleep.”

2) School

“You know the feeling when right before an exam you cannot eat because you are so nervous? You can even feel hungry, but the thought of consuming food repulses you. That is how I feel at night. No matter how sleepy I feel, I cannot fall asleep.”

3) Relationships

“Remember that time that you freaked out on me because I am always so tired even after night that we haven’t hung out? The good news is, it’s because I’m sleep deprived.”

4) Loud Neighbors

“Next time you’re having a party, make sure to invite me! I have sleep troubles anyways, so I will definitely be awake to party all night with you.”

5) Best Friend

“Just so you know, you can call me 24/7. I’m always awake…literally. I have serious troubles falling asleep.”

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