Update: New SLEEP Roadmap

2 min readJul 20, 2022

Due to current market conditions the roadmap for SLEEP has changed to guarantee a smooth launch of the $SLEEP governance token and application. With the adjusted roadmap we will be sure of demand of both $SLEEP and $ZZZ token with the launch of the application.

Original roadmap

  1. Host IDO’s for $SLEEP governance token on multiple launchpads
  2. Launch $SLEEP on DEX & CEX
  3. $SLEEP staking and vesting portal live
  4. Launch of application on IOS/Android
  5. Mint NFTs in-app to get started with earning

New roadmap

  1. Drop exclusive mystery boxes as INO (Initial NFT Offering)
  2. Launch of application on IOS/Android
  3. Host IDO’s for $SLEEP governance token on multiple launchpads
  4. $SLEEP staking and vesting portal live
  5. Launch $SLEEP on DEX & CEX
  6. Use mystery boxes to claim NFTs/Tokens and start with earning in-game

Planning & Dates

INO (Initial NFT Offering): Will be through market-leading NFT launchpads/marketplaces as well as SLEEP website-integrated NFT minting platform in Weeks 30–33.

Launch of application on IOS/Android: Product Beta will be live for the public in Week 44.

$SLEEP Governance IDO’s & Launch: Initial Dex Offerings for SLEEP’s governance tokens will take place in Weeks 38/39 followed by a DEX and CEX listing in Week 40.

Fully operational application and ecosystem: From Week 45, the application and ecosystem will be fully operational with a dual-token economy and INO NFT holders being able to exclusively start earning.

Mystery Box NFT drops (INO)

More information about the Mystery Box NFT Drops will be available on all of our socials soon so make sure to follow us on all socials in order to not miss out on any updates.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SleepGame_

Telegram group: https://t.me/sleepgame

Telegram channel: https://t.me/sleep_announcements

Medium: https://medium.com/@sleepgame




#SLEEP is a Web3 lifestyle app that rewards you for sleeping, driving & simply putting your phone away