Spirit set adrift

Upon the ground we slept on
Below the stars we wept
A world which seemed so different
Had coloured us inept

Now locked away within this box
Sleeps my weary heart
You awoke it briefly
Before tearing it apart

Alas, my fault it was
For I danced in the fire that you cast
To serve your will, I really did
Hoping you would incinerate me at last

We surfaced in a chapter
That was never meant to be read out loud
Oh, cruel fate, how generous
To teach me in that state

Back into the ground
I cast my thoughts, steadfast
But it was too late, of course
So away, away we drifted

This painful cloud around me
That warps the hopeful minds
And tries to leak my thoughts into
The outside world’s kinds

Your fire was not the antidote
Indeed — there isn’t one
If only I knew earlier
‘fore things had come undone

I cared
I loved
I felt your pain
But words and actions failed me

The inner voice
That cried so much
Whispered stories of incurables
And finally, derailed me

My mouth did not speak
And if it did, it spoke of endings
Blighted fields and blackened suns
Such tidings wouldn’t last

I spoke too little
I spoke too much
I spoke in riddles
I never spoke

You were right
Lost, I am
A wisp entombed inside this
Labyrinth of night

You should have given me
To the crow’s beak, alone
I would have loved it deeply
But that, I could never tell you

To win your favour, I took other routes
Which pushed us more apart
Until the distance was too great
And my sails were taut, ready to depart

Have you forgotten me?
I dearly hope you did
For I was never there -
In umbral space I hid

Oh, lovely heart, forgive me
For rousing you again
Sleep, my angel, in thy sarcophagus
Aware of nothing but the rain