Film Review: R.Madhvan pulls off a ‘Saala Khadoos’!

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The film starts with justifying its title, where we have the first glimpse of ‘Khadoos’- R. Madhvan. It’s typically a marriage between a failed pugilist’s quest to bring out a champion from a country of more than 1.20 billion people, and a love story between a coach and its disciple- Ritika Singh.

If you would want to delve deep into the story to find out some freshness you might get disappointed. But, it is no way near a romantic tale of a boxing coach and its student. It’s the story of a former boxing and a potential Olympian who couldn’t muster a ‘Gold’ because his coach ditched him in the end resulting in a temporary blindness rendering him loose his title opportunity.

The same coach is now a chief selector of women’s boxing and a folly of the protagonist. R. Madhvan, a frustrated coach fighting politics and a powerful selector is obsessed to give the country a true champion. He is then transferred to Chennai where he spots the same fire in the belly as he had when he was finding his feet in boxing in Ritika Singh. From then, it is half a love story and half a battle to turn Ritika from a raw potential into a winning material.

R. Madhvan brilliantly portrayed the coach and his ‘Khadoos’ style. Making a debut in Bollywood, Ritika, a trained mixed martial arts fighter, seems an ideal choice for the boxer to do it. The movie is a mixed bag. Not a story to boast about but, almost everybody played their character with panache.

Will R.Madhvan trump all odds and transform Ritika(Madi) into a boxer of highest caliber? Will Ritika get to find her love and win boxing championship against a higher ranked Russian boxer? Find out in the movie.

It’s a paisa vasool!

Go for R. Madhvan’s acting display where after a long time he is playing a leading protagonist. Better than Mastijade I suppose, if you are planning to spend a good weekend doing something worthwhile.

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