Lack of Proper Sleep Does What? Find Out Now!

The human body is programmed to engage in at least 6 hours of sleep per day. While you sleep, your body requires rest in able to replenish, but if this sleep is impaired, your health and balance are greatly affected. If you delay going to sleep at night in exchange for working late, watching movies or maybe using your phone it can have a detrimental effect on the repair processes that undergo in the body– trust us, that’s not good news! These processes enable us to function in normal day to day activities, which without the required sleep can become increasingly impossible to do.

Agreed, sometimes life can get in the way of having a decent night’s sleep, but if lack of sleep is increasingly becoming a routine, the long-term repercussions over time could take its toll on your body.

Weaker Immune System

When you lose sleep, you weaken the body’s ability to ward off foreign bodies. Your immune system struggles to fight off bacteria when it’s run down and as a result you become more prone to illnesses. Attempting to sleep when unwell isn’t fun, and leads to further loss of sleep, which is why people correct their sleeping cycle with sleeping pills.

Becoming Too Forgetful?

If the answer is “yes, you may need to look at the amount of sleep you’re getting on a day to day basis as it could be too little. Lack of sleep can take an impact on your memory as it lessens the brains capacity to receive and store new information. Once memory function takes a dip, it can negatively affect your work and home life, causing more problems than it should — All because of a little sleep.
The Thinking Process Gets Affected Too

Forgetfulness is not the only downside to lack of sleep. If the brain is deprived of sleep it can start to have an adverse effect on your reasoning, decision, and problem solving abilities making life more difficult than it needs to be. Your cognitive ability becomes greatly impaired due to the lack of activity the brain is able to produce, making you appear less alert.– imagine going to work or taking an exam in this condition.

Your Looks Suffer Too

Dark circles can appear around the eyes, even after spending hours trying to fix your appearance, but nothing seems to hide that disheveled look — Guesses are, you didn’t get a substantial amount of sleep the night before! Lack of quality sleep speeds up the aging process, skin becomes loose and you end up looking like a zombie; fine lines, wrinkles, and unexplained pigmentation tend to appear out of the blue. Definitely not the first impression you want to make at that job interview?

Lack of sleep is not a matter you should take lightly and is crucial in living a healthy lifestyle. If you feel like you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned, it’s always best you do something about it sooner rather than later. A conversation with a doctor can always put your mind at rest, and in most cases you will be prescribed a lifestyle change. However, if what you’re experience is a very severe lack of sleep then its best advised that you start medicating with sleeping pills.

There are a number of online pharmacies selling the sleeping pills that insomniacs need to engage in a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s easy enough to buy affordable sleeping pills these days making sound sleeping a small expense, however, it’s always recommended to consult a doctor first.